Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 5 , Rejoose ApS Best Energy & Environmental Documentation Software Solutions Provider - Europe Oct19131 Beginning life in 2017 as a SaaS start-up company, Rejoose ApS works to develop innovative solutions to ease the energy reduction efforts businesses make, and reduce the carbon footprint in IT installations. As part of Corporate Vision’s Energy Innovator Awards, we turn the light on the firm to learnmore about their award-winning success. their energy usage in readable formats that can be compiled into reports. Always learning and developing, the firm release updates every month to make sure that they remain plugged in to ongoing market trends, such as the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Customers are the reason why most businesses exist, requiring professional services that experts can deliver. Rejoose are committed to creating an inclusive eco-system, where customers, suppliers and advisors can also work together in reaching energy efficiency and sustainability goals. By bringing all parties involved in a process together, everyone can learn from one another’s differing perspectives on how best to tackle issues and find solutions. Having invested heavily in establishing a highly-skilled support and on-boarding team, the firm are helping clients get started with technical information. Markets across the world with regards to energy efficiency are changing from want- to-have, to must-have. Companies and consumers alike can no longer afford to neglect their responsibility to be sustainable, and document how they do it. Employees, investors, and customers wants to do business with companies who take care of their energy and the environment, and are responsible in all kinds of ways. Rejoose are aligning themselves with company goals to position themselves as the preferred reporting tool across the EU, US, and EMEA. Looking to expand from their current focus solely on the IT industry, Rejoose can handle all manner of sectors as a reporting tool. A spin-off from parent company Eoptimo, a highly-skilled consultancy firm, Rejoose work with large companies that have large IT installations to help generate energy efficiency reports and business cases. Motivated to be more innovative in the market-leading processes they offer, the firm open the eyes of company IT and CSR departments to the ease of using their SaaS solution to create reports, instead of using expensive consultants and outdated spreadsheet solutions. The world is increasingly focused on innovating their energy usage and being more aware of responsible behaviour, good practices, and sustainability in the long run. Rejoose’s mission is to deliver the best energy efficiency reporting tool on the market, second to none. In doing so, the firm are making it easy for companies, suppliers and advisors to collaborate in delivering IT solutions where energy efficiency and CO2 reduction is a decision-making parameter. It is expected that the IT sector will account for roughly twenty percent of the European Union’s energy consumption by 2030, with datacentres and datacentre networks proving to be the biggest culprits. With major countries focusing their attention of being more energy efficient and reducing their carbon footprint, the need to report and document is essential in compliance. Rejoose are focusing their efforts on energy consumption and efficiency within IT installations. Their reporting tool, hosted in the cloud on an energy efficient platform, enables clients to accurately gather data on Able to calculate energy savings on lighting, cooling, UPS and other systems, the firm are looking to cement their place in the IT industry, before seeking to add additional modules to support more areas. Energy efficiency is incredibly high on the international agenda at the moment, with numerous high-profile cases of environmental change proving to be the catalyst for change. Rejoose are contributing their skill set and effective reporting tool in being able to deliver that change for businesses and helping bring about a safer environmental future one report at a time. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a global online energy efficiency SaaS reporting tool, then look no further than Contact: Thomas Mardahl Website: