Energy Innovator Awards 2019

50 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , Finding a company that canmatch up to stringent protocols, able to cover a range of different requirements can be a challenge in this day and age. Finding one that continually adapts to an ever-changing industry with ease and grace evenmore so. We caught up with JakeMilne, Operations Manager at William Insulation Co., INC, to see just howhe and his teammanaged tomaintain their own impeccably high standards in the field of insulation and beyond. Best Pipe & Boiler Insulation Specialist - Wyoming training, all aspects of our checks and balances are utilized daily.’ Ensuring the safety of the workforce also allows means these checks are used to confirm that clients are receiving the service they require. ‘Service means everything to our partners; therefore, it means everything to us,’ Jake explains. It’s this attention to detail that keeps clients returning to WIC. Operating with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency, WIC can use its expertise to guarantee the best possible service for its clients. We asked Jake what challenges he faces within the industry. ‘Challenges change daily!’ Jake laughs. ‘A few of the leading examples would be new and growing competition and 21st century technology. Our industry is always expanding; therefore, we have committed to doing the same. While there are preceding challenges with tech, there are also a growing number of advantages presented.’ One of these advantages has been the ability for the company to go paperless, which Jake proceeded to enthuse about. ‘The addition of paperless processes has changed the way we do business. Our clients and team members have current information readily available at all times. This allows management to streamline decisions based on real time data making us more agile.’ Innovation in the name of agility is characteristic of WIC’s approach. ‘The industry is constantly changing,’ Jake Believing that no one is above their tools unless wearing a tool belt, Jake Milne tells us the secret of success is simple. ‘Our hands-on approach and direct connection to our projects and employees is the reason we have been in business for 40 years,’ he smiles. It’s a business with an incredible number of facets, working across industries from oil to gas, to food and beverages. Although the leading industrial insulation provider in the central US, this is a business that turns its hand to scaffolding, heat tracing and asbestos abatement in the name of providing a turnkey solution. For Jake, working at WIC gives him and his team the opportunity to show other companies what they can do. ‘WIC strives to set the standards for the industry,’ he tells us enthusiastically. ‘Our core values set the pace for doing so.’ At WIC, the core values are safety, quality and productivity, and these form the backbone of all the company’s operations. ‘Without integrity from our employees up to the CEO, our core values could not be met,’ Jake continues. ‘This is also how we have gone four years without a recordable incident.’ The excellent record for safety is a credit to the superb quality control and assessments that the team at WIC are subject to. ‘Our Supervisors and QC department have constant overview of craftsmen,’ Jake explains. ‘From apprenticeships to leadership William Insulation Co., INC.: Nov19085 opines. ‘The future will be determined by the market. With this in mind we are constantly looking for additional services and products to strengthen our portfolio. The new and added technology that is available and ever- changing is a great start. We plan to continue our charge towards innovation and superior service for generations to come.’ Operating for 40 years in any industry is a tremendous achievement, and over this time a great deal of change has been seen. As gas has risen above oil in production focus, and new commodities rise at the same time, it’s not surprising that the ever-adaptable WIC will have to continue adapting in order to survive another 40 years. ‘In order to stay ahead of these trends, it’s imperative to tailor to the market’s demands,’ Jake tells us as we bring our interview to a close. With change built into the fabric of the company, there’s no doubt that the team will tailor themselves incredibly well. When a business is as hands-on and experienced as WIC, it’d be impossible not to give the client exactly what they wanted. Contact: Jake Milne Company: William Insulation Co., INC. Web Address: Telephone: 1-800-538-2766