Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 51 , The world’s focus on the energy industry is increasingly centred on how to shift away from the global reliance on damaging fossil fuels in search of greener, more renewable methods of energy consumption. To help save the planet from climate change through reusing carbon dioxide inmaking green algae-based products, Algatek S.L have been developing innovative new bioreactors. Discover more about the firm’s work, and how it has become a true innovator within the energy industry. Best Industrial Algae Production Systems Manufacturer 2019 - Iberian Peninsula The biomass produced is then distilled into biofuel, and is in turn used to power production plants. Algae boasts a myriad of unique properties that make it the perfect biofuel to serve as a renewable replacement to fossil fuels. Firstly, algae can produce between 2,000 and 5,000 gallons of fuel per acre. It can also grow on marginal land, so it does not have to compete with agricultural land, and it also does not require freshwater resources as it can grow in brackish, polluted, or even saltwater. The biology of algae means it can be grown in almost any environment, with the Algatek bioreactors speeding up that process exponentially. It is more than just an excellent source of biofuel however. Algae biomass can also be cultivated in order to gather vital nutrients that many people consume on a daily basis. Full of proteins, minerals, and fatty acids, algae contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils, a variety of vitamins, and anti-oxidants, algae is remarkably full of resources for both energy usage and human consumption. Thanks to the research undertaken at Algatek, the world is learning more and more about how Founded in 2012, Algatek is responsible for the manufacture and supply of industrial algae production systems. Drawing on more than seven years of research from a team of experts, the firm’s patented bioreactors and control technology enable clients to gather a high yield of algae. These matchless levels of production mean more biomass and algae oil for the world to use as renewable energy alternatives. After more than seven years of meticulous research and gathering data, Algatek has developed and patented a new type of bioreactor: the Algatek Algae Accelerator. Designed to be operated at indoor production facilities, the AAA bioreactor helps protect the growing algae from specific sun spectrums which can impair its growth. Using LED light instead of sunlight, the firm’s bioreactors can handle production cycles between 22 and 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. The first innovative bioreactor of its kind, Algatek’s AAA incorporates automatic sensing and control to grow algae specifically for industrial purposes in optimal conditions. Algatek S.L: Oct19422 to maximise the yield of algae itself, and the yield from algae. Bioengineering that the team do at Algatek today plays an increasingly vital role in addressing the ever-looming threats of climate change, energy crises, and hunger that the world continues to face today. Through constant innovation and an unparalleled desire to see science advance, the firm are using algae to fill in a huge piece of the puzzle that future generations will hopefully go on to solve. Believing that it is both morally and ethically correct to try and eliminate global dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels, Algatek are focused on creating a green method of rapidly growing algae to create a better, cleaner, and more sustainable future. By continuously investing in research and development to achieve the vision of a green, cleaner world, this firm are developing sustainable technologies to enhance the performances of healthcare, energy and food industries without damaging the planet. Company: Algatek S.L Contact: Tino Bacchetta Website: