Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 53 , Finding the right person for a job can be an arduous task, whether it be the actual placement of a detailed job advert or the lengthy interview process. However, ensuring that the right person ends up in the right job no longer has to be stressful. Helping green technology businesses in particular, Green Scout Global Ltd is a specialist recruitment and head-hunting agency within the energy sector. Discover more as we profile the firm. Best Boutique Renewable Energy Head-Hunting Company 2019 learning about market conditions, activities, opportunities, salary levels, and candidate perceptions, Green Scout are perfectly placed to help clients define job briefs and then tailor search campaigns accordingly. Whilst Green Scout may be a client- centric firm, establishing and maintaining relationships with candidates is just as important. Listening and respecting where each candidate is in their respective career journeys enables the team to get in touch at the right time when an opportunity arises. For those just starting out in new roles across the renewable energy market, the team also offers career coaching. Candidates can tap into this to access additional one-to-one support when either actively looking for a new role, or settling into one. Over 23,000 recruitment agencies currently saturate the market in the United Kingdom alone, so the challenge for Green Scout to stand out is tough. Constantly improving standards and adding value to both clients and candidates, the firm remain as focused as ever on partnering with businesses who value people. Building a business with people as the foundation is key criteria for both Green Scout and its clients to succeed in what is a competitive market. At present, the energy sector is seeing an increasing number of renewable energy generation and carbon reduction technologies. Government policy and legislation have shaped the renewable technology landscape on a domestic, commercial, and grid scale, and will continue to do so. With fluctuations in the deployment of biomass, geothermal, solar, Established in 2014, Green Scout is solely focused on ensuring that green technology businesses in the power generation and carbon reduction arena are employing the best of the best in the pursuit of a healthier, happier planet. With more than ten years of energy sector specialism and in-depth knowledge, the team at Green Scout offer clients tailored recruitment and executive search services to help find the best talent in the wider labour market. At its heart, the firm’s mission is to provide a world-class service whilst setting the bar for global recruitment. Ultimately, recruitment is a human-to-human business. Technology cannot understand human traits and quirks like another person can, and there is no better way to discover whether someone is a good fit other than talking to them. The same logic applies to Green Scout itself, with in-person meetings being the best old-fashioned way of developing the business. Creatively using technology geared towards finding candidates allows Green Scout better access to a wide range of candidates to present opportunities and expand their network. In order to guarantee best-in-class services, mutual trust and understanding underpin everything about Green Scout’s philosophy. With clear milestones and process accountability at every stage, the firm has enjoyed a 100% success rate when it comes to executive searches. Achieving this is no mean feat however, as the firm works exclusively with clients who share its vision around talent acquisition, collaborative approaches, and time investment. Spending all day every day Green Scout Global Ltd.: Nov19157 wind, battery, and heat technology, finding the right person for a job has become even more vital, and so has the work of Green Scout. We have seen a growing trend of employers establishing notice periods of three months for roles which would typically have a one month notice period, highlighting both businesses desire to keep professionals and the scarcity of talent in the sector. Hiring businesses have become more aware of the value a sector specific recruiter can add. Retained and committed searches within Green Scout have risen over 300% in 2019 alone. Clients are already planning 2020 hires up to four months in advance to generate a top talent pool outside of the actively looking professionals. Making sure that the right candidate ends up with the right client can be a tricky affair, but the team at Green Scout spend so much time immersed in the market that their knowledge can truly be relied upon when it matters most. Whether looking for that perfect leader to step into an executive role, or a fresh-faced starter looking to break into the renewable energy sector, both clients and candidates can rely on Green Scout to find that perfect partnership. Company: Green Scout Global Ltd. Contact: Dan Robinson Website: