Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 55 g GTC VORRO Environmental Services LLC concentrations or through the pin point treatment of outlier wells that skew the overall H2S concentration. GTC Vorro are working actively in both scenarios. Similarly, the environmental move towards renewable energy will have a long term impact on the business operations, but the team at GTC Vorro consider gas as still having a big role to play, particularly in electricity generation. As long as this is the case, the need for a safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of controlling and converting H2S to non-hazardous compounds will remain, ensuring GTC Vorro are well placed to satisfy customer needs. With a commercial structure fully aligned with customer objectives, it’s not surprising that GTC Vorro have become incredibly popular with businesses. As a trusted partner in their processes, GTC Vorro work tirelessly to ensure the best result for all concerned. Drawing on a practical need, this environmentally minded company provides a practical solution that helps everyone. That’s true innovation. Contact: Phillip Walsh Company: GTC Vorro Environmental Services LLC Web Address: Telephone: 001 346 374 7183