Executive Search and Recruitment Awards 2017

10 Corporate Vision / Executive Search & Recruitment Awards 2017 , Rhino Site Services is an agency that specialises in providing construction staff to all sectors of the construction industry. Our core sectors are Civil, Build, Residential and Shop fitting. We spoke to AndrewRoberts to find out more about the company and explore the secrets behind its success. Best Construction Recruitment Agency 2017 - UK Rhino Site Services enjoys over 35 years’ experience in construction recruitment, specialising in temporary and permanent contracts in the Civil, Build, Shopfitting, Utilities and M&E sectors. Devising bespoke recruitment solutions our consultants work with employees and candidates across the UK, helping the industry develop whilst maintaining high standards. Andrew talks to us about how it feels to be given this award and what he feels are the reasons behind the company’s success before going to outline the firm’s overall mission and what steps they plan to take to achieve this. “As a company, we are ecstatic! As a business, we have been building for some time both within the industry and outside it with local community establishing connections and placing the brand carefully with sponsorships and driving online presence attempting to reach an audience that not only benefits from our services but also recognises the brand. This award is testimony that our efforts have been correctly spent. Our mission statement is simply to offer a solution, become a recruiting partner to change standards within our sector, recognised by a unique message to market.” Within any industry, it is important to be creative and innovative, coming up with new ideas that no one else has thought of and implementing them smoothly enough in order to attract the best clients and business. Andrew mentions how the company integrates innovation into every aspect of its work. “Essentially, our business is driven by a very clear strategy, we work with a philosophical approach to business structure. All of our internal systems and technology is customer designed and built with the very latest technology, integrating a variety of API interfaces allowing for departments to provide a better customer experience to our market place, our tech team are highly skilled add this to six sigma and business change engineering methodologies we are constantly looking at way to reduce over complication and drive efficiency without compromising service or quality.” Differentiating itself from its competitors within the industry, the firm bases its business model upon honesty. Andrew is keen to point out that staff are not driven by sales targets but by efficiency. Being engaging with clients and being honest helps to mark Rhino Recruitment out as the best possible option for both clients and candidates. “Breaking stereotypes within the industry, our whole business model is based upon honesty, our staff are not driven by sales targets, but more by efficiency. Giving them all a clear understanding on what is required to achieve results. We engage our clients and our candidates with the exact same honest approach, we believe it is our responsibility to provide our candidates with choice and our clients with an honest approach.” Recruitment is a very fast paced market and as such, the firm must employ techniques to stay ahead of any advances and emerging developments which may arise. Andrew says that the company are always exploring and looking at new sectors but importantly, focus on the sectors it already works in, ensuring clients get the very best service. “At Rhino, we are always looking at new sectors, however, ensuring that you are delivery and developing the sectors we cover is our priority and its only when the capacity allows that we move In. Each sector has its own struggles and moves it its own directions, with influences outside that can change the pace and energy around these.” Part of ensuring that the firm provides good quality service is the internal culture within the firm. If staff are happy and working together then it is easier for them to transmit these emotions into their work and onto their clients, something Andrew believes is evident at Rhino. “The culture at Rhino is one which promotes growth or individuals the support here is paramount to the success we have. The team will always be supported by innovation and brand awareness including spending / investing wherever is appropriate to delivering success.” Looking ahead, Andrew is excited about the future for Rhino. Key acquisitions will help the company build solid foundations in preparation for the developments within the recruitment market. Maintaining and building relationships is important to both Andrew and Rhino. RA170010

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