Executive Search and Recruitment Awards 2017

17 Corporate Vision / Executive Search & Recruitment Awards 2017 TOTAL RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS: Broady_advert.indd 1 22/09/2017 16:17 Company: Broady Resourcing Contact: Matthew Porteus Contact Email: matthew@ broadyresourcing.co.uk Address: 123 Wellington Road South, Stockport, Cheshire, SK1 3TH, UK Phone: 07921 260614 Web Address: www.broadyresourcing.co.uk competitors and marks us out as the best possible option for our clients. Our commitment, drive and passion to always be the best, and go above and beyond are what make us the perfect partner for our clients and we are very proud of each and every member of our workforce.” Currently the firm has many opportunities as the recruitment market in the UK is at an invigorating stage. Matthews shares his knowledge on the industry and the developments that it is undergoing at present. “The market is buoyant in our region presently, as there are N lots of opportunities out there to help both clients find that great candidate, and help that great candidate find the right job. It is a very competitive landscape with companies vying against each other to secure the best candidates, which always makes our work both challenging and interesting.” Looking ahead, Matthew believes that despite the changes that technology is making to the recruitment agency, Broady Resourcing’s ongoing focus on providing a top quality service will ensure that the company remains successful and continues to grow and achieve. “Moving forward, it is my belief that technology and new recruiting techniques will continue to change how recruitment is done, however the core of how we recruit regardless of the tools will always stay the same. As long as we remember our core values and ethics, and continue to do recruitment the right way, I don’t believe we will need to step around anything. “Overall our future is bright and strong. We will continue to provide a first-class service to both our clients and candidates, and will be looking in the coming years to grow the business gradually, taking on more consultants and moving into new markets.”

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