Executive Search and Recruitment Awards 2017

9 Corporate Vision / Executive Search & Recruitment Awards 2017 Contact: Judy Atchison Contact Email: [email protected] Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 49 Jamaica Street, Liverpool, L1 OAH, UK Phone: (0) 845 8055958 Website: www.orcid.co.uk make a difference and add value is when we help our clients to engage the right individual to support their strategic challenges - we support, up to the final appointment and beyond.”  As one of the co-founders of The Orcid Partnership, Judy outlines a little about the Orcid values and culture: “An open, client focused and collaborative working environment is integral to a successful business; everyone contributes ideas to ensure we continue to innovate and stay at the leading edge of changes in our sector. The business model and reward structure motivates Partners to invest more time on every project and to focus on doing the best for our clients.” “Internally we have adopted an innovative business model, reward structure and award winning financial platform, which frees Partners from the usual bureaucratic and target- led constraints of search, and supports them to be totally focussed on delivering great work. We are also adopting a platform for digital client collaboration and investigating how to integrate additional new technology in a way which streamlines processes and adds value while continuing to enhance the client-focussed, relationship-led, and high-trust approach which is a key part of our DNA.” “Moving forward, our aspiration for the future is that The Orcid Partnership is recognised as a vibrant, committed team delivering outstanding results for our clients. We are moving towards this by creating best practice processes, tools and services, and an environment and reward structure which gives outstanding search Partners the support, inspiration and freedom to succeed.” manner. This combined with our reputation for honesty and integrity enables us to deliver high calibre, diverse candidate choice. This we believe is the overriding reason that our clients retain and recommend The Orcid Partnership, with virtually all our business coming through personal referral.” The Board Practice has a strong Northern focus, and no other search firm in the region offers the strength and depth of knowledge of Orcid’s team. In terms of location, it combines strong national and international networks with exceptional local knowledge leading to a richer candidate pool. Sue outlines the firm’s approach and details what helps the company distinguish itself from its competitors: “Almost all our work comes via recommendation. We achieve outstanding results with an industry leading track record in terms of successful placement. We are committed to delivering a broad and diverse shortlist of candidates; original research on every appointment avoids recycling the usual suspects. Uniquely, our partners handle all aspects of every appointment.” “One of the key differences between Orcid and the rest of the industry is that all aspects of each assignment are personally handled by the Orcid Partners.  We tend to work on fewer assignments than would be the case in a typical search firm, and this means that we can invest more time delivering successful outcomes for each and every client we partner with. Whilst our industry is called ‘search’, we believe that where we really N

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