The Executive Search and Recruitment Awards 2018

4 Corporate Vision / EmergingMarkets Business Awards 2018 , Best IT Executive Recruitment Company - Netherlands Personnel Search IT Recruitment BV is one of the most reliable and professional tech IT recruitment offices in the Benelux region. We caught up with Marc Vermeulen, Founder, to find out more about the firm’s varied service offering and how it works to ensure that it provides candidates and clients alike with a truly exceptional level of service and support. Established in 2002, Personnel Search is committed to providing everyone it serves with exceptional support. Marc explores how this is achieved in his initial overview of the company. “Here at Personnel Search, our reputation for professionalism and success was built by an elite team of senior IT recruiters. We want to make the difference, can offer quick solutions and are professional in what we do. For us, the basis of a long- term relationship and success is keeping each other sharp and challenging each other. Since inception we have been committed to achieving three core objectives: quality, speed and satisfaction. “As part of our drive towards achieving these, we are committed to excellence, and as such we only support a limited number of clients. This enables us to give them the attention they deserve, dedicate our time to each individual assignment and make effective use of our network. We recruit IT specialists at higher professional education and university level with at least 4 years of working experience and are active worldwide. As a result of our quality focused approach, our clients are very diverse. Most of them come to us for the last stop in recruitment when many others failed in successful recruitment for the given position. We aim to prove to them that we are different, and we usually succeed.” Specifically, within the IT recruitment space, the firm offers specialist support thanks to the expertise and knowledge of its own team, as Marc is eager to emphasise. “Drawing on our experience in the technology space, we offer IT recruitment, managed recruitment and executive search all within niche IT. It is a fact that recruitment and selection, and the hiring of temporary staff are among the biggest challenges many companies are faced with. For that reason, we understand that companies prefer to outsource these activities to experts. Many of our loyal clients, who have experienced a successful recruitment process with us, ask us about the possibilities of outsourcing their recruitment. We can often offer our clients a huge cost saving, and a stable recruitment department. “Our position is the market is important to us, as, fundamentally, niche IT recruitment firms will always be in demand. Recruitment firms that recruit for generic positions or across too many sectors will lose market share as clients seek recruiters with experience in their specific space. As such, at Personnel Search, we strive to create a new world, in which our clients’ needs are met. The game has changed over the years. Clients need a strong recruitment partner that delivers over and over again, and we aim to provide this.” Skills in the IT market are a hot topic currently, as many sectors face a shortage of adequately trained and experienced staff. This has led many clients to be sceptical about the efficiency of IT recruiters, but, as Marc explains, firms such as Personnel Search are able to prove their effectiveness and overcome this RA180002 challenge thanks to a thorough recruitment process. “One of the key challenges for us is to persuade new clients that IT recruitment can be done in a good and effective, successful way. Most of the IT recruitment companies in the Netherlands don’t hire senior IT recruiter, instead accidently hiring untrained staff. To combat this, we offer advice, and we also salary test our candidates technical and functional abilities, guiding our clients and candidates through the process so that we place the right candidate in the right role for them. We are honest with our clients and candidates and will never accept any role that is not fillable.” Discussing the future, Marc is confident that Personnel Search will continue to grow and achieve even greater success, as he concludes. “Owing to our current success, over the coming months Personnel Search will be moving to a larger premise which meets our ever-evolving needs. In our new and bigger office, we can undertake much more in terms of training and presentations to clients and candidates. This enhanced workspace offers us the chance to build upon our current success, which will remain our ongoing aim as we look ahead.”