The Executive Search and Recruitment Awards 2018

, Best Facilities Management Recruitment Agency 2018 Talent FM Executive Search Ltd specialises in recruiting senior facilities management professionals across the UK and EMEA regions. Having recently recognised the firm as part of our Executive Search & Recruitment Awards 2018, we decided to invite Founder and Director Nikki Dallas to talk us through the firmand how she has driven it to the success it enjoys today. Talent FM began when Nikki decided to use her extensive recruitment experience within the facilities management sector to create a new, boutique recruitment consultancy specialising only in facilities management recruitment. Nikki explores how this specialist focus has helped her firm to achieve incredible success for both its clients and candidates. “Here at Talent FM, our clients are primarily from the private sector and we provide search and selection services for them as well as contingency recruitment where we are retained exclusively. We recruit Facilities Directors, Head of Workspace, FM Account Directors and Workplace Directors and other senior FM roles. “Unique in our market, we are the only FM and property recruitment experts that specialises in executive search. Therefore, our levels of expertise and knowledge in our market is second to none. We are also highly networked in our market place and we have an excellent reputation for doing the best for our clients and candidates. Our Zodiac portal gives clients that ability to access their shortlisted candidates from any device, 24 hours a day and we don’t just deliver CV’s and an executive profile. Whilst we do deliver these, we also add key facts, video interviews, psychometric testing, key competency questions and much more to give our client a really in depth look at the shortlisted candidates. This saves our clients both time and money in the process because they have a lot more criteria to recruit on; which means we get it right first time and every time.” It is this specialist focus, alongside Talent FM’s unique approach to recruitment, that marks it out as the best possible option for clients, as Nikki is proud to showcase. “As testimony to the level of excellence we provide, the majority of our clients choose to retain our services for executive search assignments. Additionally, our team can also deliver shortlists on a contingent basis but only where we have been retained exclusively or have regular and repeat business with those clients. We moved to this model about 12 months ago as we believe it is a far better allocation of our resources and gives better results for our clients. This model works, because 96% of all our placements are still in their roles after 12 months. This statistic is well above the national average and much higher than most recruitment companies could wish for.” Another key to the firm’s success is its innovative technological offering, which Nikki is keen to highlight in more detail. “Central to our approach is our focus on developing our service offering to meet our clients’ and candidates’ ever evolving needs, and as such we are constantly innovating, constantly improving and making sure that we offer our clients and candidates the very best products and services we can. Our Zodiac offering brings recruitment into the 21st Century by combining the very best scientific and technological advancements into an easy to use and effective platform. “Since we implemented it, we have received outstanding feedback on Zodiac from everyone who uses it. Candidates love it because they get the opportunity to present more of themselves to the client by answering key competencies from an exhaustive list we offer the client to choose from. They are not just relying on their CV or us to ‘sell them’. The psychometric tests also enable them to challenge themselves and their perceptions of themselves. On the other end of the spectrum, our clients love the video interviewing, as it means that they can set questions and review the results at their leisure. There is not anyone who interviews who hasn’t at one time experienced a complete disconnect between what is on paper and the person sat in front of them. The videos enable us to mitigate that and ensure that only the very best fitting candidates are selected for a full interview. We love these small achievements because they mean a lot to our clients.” As she looks towards the future for her business, Nikki believes that Talent FM can surpass its current success and grow even further, as she discusses in her concluding comments. “Going forward, the future for Talent FM is to find ways to share our incredible Zodiac Executive Search product with more clients. It is unique to us and we are so confident in the output of our team, our service and our product that we offer a full 1-year guarantee on all our Executive Search Assignments. We have had great success in the UK but would like to use Zodiac across EMEA, as we know that there is no such product being used in our market place. These developments will be our ongoing focus as we look towards a bright future filled with possibilities and opportunities for us to take advantage of.” TI180018 Company: Talent FM Executive Search Ltd Contact: Nikki Dallas Phone: 020 3587 7863 Web Address: TALENT FM