The Executive Search and Recruitment Awards 2018

8 Corporate Vision / EmergingMarkets Business Awards 2018 , First Pan-European Digital Executive Search Firm 2018 Virtoo Ltd is an innovative, technology-based executive search firm supporting clients throughout Europe. We invited Founder and President of Virtoo Ltd, Dr. Olaf Juergens to introduce us to the firmand the range of services it has to offer. Founded in 2012 as a cloud-based executive search firm, Virtoo is on a mission to become the clear cost leader with its modern structure and the best price/performance relation on the market of executive search firms throughout Europe. Olaf explores how he came to start the firm and defines its approach. “Initially established as a start-up five years ago in Birmingham, Virtoo was designed to redefine the future of the executive industry at the European level. We founded the firm with the vision to enable cost-optimized professional structures across Europe without much effort for colleagues and nationally active companies we would like to partner with. To this end, we have developed a mission to “redefine Europe”. In order not to have to establish expensive structures in every country and take a large investment risk, we have divided Europe into mother tongues. We are active in several countries in Europe, and one’s native language is the greatest integrator for a human being. Accordingly, clients, consultants and candidates should communicate in their mother tongue to really get to know the conversation partner. We have already established these structures for several European languages. “Over the years, we have not only found a way, we have also shown by the proof of concept, that you can work successfully European-wide with high quality results. As such we have achieved incredible success since inception. Not only have we developed a method, but we have also shown with the proof of concept that you can achieve very good returns.” Fundamentally, at Virtoo the team searches for the best managers in Europe. Being an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, Olaf contributes his expertise in Executive Search at highest international levels to the company. He outlines his activities with his team and clients to ensure success. “At Virtoo we are convinced that executives must have a great deal of competence to make a company successful and valuable, but we are also convinced that the personality of an executive needs the full respect of the employees and the market. Our clients ask for our competences when they look for a Manager with the right attitude towards their company values and culture. Accordingly, our contacts to senior management are well established to ensure excellence for every client we support.” With regards to the future, as digitalisation continues to take over the executive search space, Olaf believes that client service and human intervention will still play a key part in the success of Virtoo, as he is proud to conclude. “Going forward, at Virtoo we see the future in the executive search in a high-quality professional approach to dealing with people. The digitalization we are seeing in the industry must bring us back to more time, commitment and budget to meet people face-to-face. We do not recommend a candidate to a client that we have not met personally before. The biggest challenge in the search industry is to reduce the structural costs to regain profits that make this quality claim possible. A pure digitalisation approach is not useful in this industry when it comes to filling management positions. As such, we will continue to combine efficiency with quality results to ensure excellence for our clients, now and in the future.” TI180029 Contact Details (To Be Published) Company: Virtoo Ltd Contact: Olaf Juergens Address: 1 Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1BD, UK Phone: 0121 632 2130 Website: