Corporate Vision February 2017

Farzaneh Law Firm, and in particular the firm founder, Amir Farzaneh, have reputation for their expertise in all areas of immigration law. We spoke with Mr. Farzaneh (Attorney of the Year 2017, Oklahoma) to find out more about his firm and their work done in the field. The U.S. Immigration Specialists g The Long Arm of the Law – Bradshaw and Associates, P.C. Information . . . Managed – Thermocopy Whole Earth. Whole Person. Whole Enterprise. – Cobblestone Garden Centre Gorno Zinc Project – Energia Minerals Ltd. A Revolutionary Treatment of Psychotic Conditions – Zysis National Strength. Local Service – Nationwide Hygiene Group. One Stop Shop for Your IT Needs – GT Global Solutions K February 2017 Below, L to R: / Empowering Your Message - Engine Group / Working Harder and Smarter For Longer - IT Governance / The Relationship Edge - Delta Point Inc. / Ticket to Success - Ticketmaster / Skincare Solutions - The Laser Treatment Clinic / A Stable Business - Farris Law Firm LLC / Fuelling The Economy - Gulf Oil Ltd. / From the Ground Up - Ayoki Fabricon Pvt. Ltd. A More Sustainable Future