Corporate Vision February 2017

22 CORPORATE VISION / February 2017 Information... Managed J Mark DeNicola, of Thermocopy, has recently received the title of CFO of the Year 2017 – USA. He shares his success story with Corporate Vision. K Company: Thermocopy Name: J. Mark DeNicola Web Address: Address: 3505 Sutherland Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee 37919 Telephone: 865.524.1124 Information . . . Managed g Thermocopy is the oldest and largest business technology company located in East Tennessee. The Knoxville, Tennessee-based company was founded in the early 1960s as an office equipment dealer, later supplying information technology support, document management consultation, and printer fleet management services. The company’s core office products are multifunctional copiers, printers and fax machines made by Ricoh, and Kyocera. J Mark DeNicola gives us a more in-depth overview of the firm, the work it does and the type of clientele is attracts. “Thermocopy’s focus is providing our clients the infrastructure, whether hardware or software, to manage all the information flow in their business,” he begins. “Included in this focus is assessing the customer’s operational requirements, providing the infrastructure they need based on the assessment, assisting with the implementation and training required to fully utilize the solutions provided, and then providing outstanding service for the solutions. “This focus has evolved over the years due to evolving technology and has required strategy changes to continue to be a successful, profitable business. The company is in its sixth decade of life. When I joined the company in 1993 and was asked what we did I had an easy answer that everyone could understand, we sold and serviced copiers. It was a relatively simple business. “Then, as technology evolved (the analogue copiers became digital, then multi-functional with scan beds that became the hub of information flow in organizations), we had to revise our business plans, company IQ, and business strategies to stay relevant in our market-place and take advantage of the multi-functional device capabilities. We have added products/services such as Managed IT, Document On- boarding and Management, and IT hardware. This transition was at times painful, but in the end successful. “As evidence of that success, since I joined the company in 1993 through organic growth we have tripled our revenues in a constrained territory, and we are nationally recognised as one of the premier providers of business technology in our industry segment. Our clients range anywhere in size and type from “Mom and Pop” commercial businesses to large health care operations concerned with HIPPA compliancy to ultra-secure government labs and nuclear weapons facilities.” DeNicola explains that the industry has evolved over the years due to the result of technological changes and the needs of customers. “Until 1987, the copier was a stand-alone, analog device, only capable of producing a copy and providing certain finishing options. Thus, service expertise was limited to just how to repair the copier. Account executives basically needed to know how fast the equipment would produce a copy and how it would be finished (stapled, hole-punched, etc.). 1702CV38