Corporate Vision February 2017

40 CORPORATE VISION / February 2017 , Committed to Client Satisfaction With offices in Pennsylvania, NewYork, New Jersey and Delaware, Goldberg, Miller & Rubin focuses their defense litigation practice on general and premises liability; construction ac- cidents; automobile accidents; insurance and healthcare fraud litigation; and toxic tort and asbestos litigationwhile providing effective, and fiscally-sound litigationmanagement on behalf of clients. We spoke with EamonMerrigan (Attorney of the Year 2017, Pennsylvania) to learnmore about the firmand his own personal expertise. When asked what set his firm apart from its peers, Partner Eamon Merrigan was proud to inform us that, “Goldberg, Miller & Rubin is distinguished from other civil litigation firms by its established long-held reputation as experienced, ethical and honest attorneys who champion their clients’ cases from the pleading stage to resolution or trial - knowing when to advise settlement and not being afraid to advise against it.” With such a commitment to excellence, efficiency and innovation, Goldberg, Miller & Rubin stands ready to represent its clients. “Our strength lies within our trial expertise which has earned us recognition for our tenacity in the courtroom. While the dynamics of each case may be different, each and every one receives personal attention. The frequency with which we try cases has given us many opportunities to exhibit innovative tactics during trials. We are a talented and smart team of trial attorneys who exercise the highest ethics and bring over three decades of knowledge and expertise to a diverse and growing caseload. “Our trial experience and breadth of legal knowledge have established us as a valuable legal resource for manufacturers, trucking companies, health systems, self-insureds, apartment and housing complexes, insurance companies, retail stores, restaurants, grocers, property management companies, hotels, rental car companies, distributors, and many other private firms.” When we asked Eamon for more about his own involvement and expertise within the firm, he told us, “I practice law throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern and Middle Districts of Pennsylvania. I currently concentrate my practice in general and premises liability, construction accidents, automotive negligence, products liability, medical malpractice, and complex subrogation claims. I also regularly defend uninsured and underinsured motorist claims and advise insurance companies on coverage issues. “With extensive experience in civil litigation, I am recognized for my common sense approach to efficiently and successfully defend clients. I have obtained defense verdicts in over 60 jury trials, several of which involved pre-trial settlement demands of over seven figures. My vast trial experience has given me valuable insight into jurors’ minds and behaviors which greatly contributes to my overall success at all stages of litigation. Over the years, I have also obtained numerous defense verdicts at arbitration hearings and favorable rulings at the appellate level. I am a sought-after speaker and often lecture on civil litigation topics including strategy and evidentiary issues. I joined Goldberg, Miller & Rubin in 2002 and was named a partner in 2011.” In talking with Eamon, it is clear that neutrality and fairness remain keystones of everything which Goldberg, Miller & Rubin does and that everything the firm does is with the client highest in mind. “We uphold strict codes of conduct and adhere to the highest ethical standards to maintain neutrality, confidentiality, and fairness. Goldberg, Miller & Rubin prides itself on superb client satisfaction. We regularly exceed client expectations and provide true value for our clients’ money by focusing on the best outcomes for our clients. Our standards of practice stem from a philosophy of treating our clients’ money as if it were our own and that translates into true value and excellent client satisfaction. This is evidenced by our excellent track record of client retention.” As well as making use of advancements in technology for themselves to more efficiently serve clients, Eamon noted that the pace of change in applied technology provided yet more areas that will require legal oversight moving forward. To remain relevant, the firm’s attorneys need to keep abridged of current and upcoming trends. “Information is now consumed in different formats and technology has afforded us the opportunity to present our cases in more compelling ways in the courtroom. Particular client industries have also experienced tremendous business expansion which sometimes requires increased legal representation. We project that new technology and other innovations– such as self-driving automobiles for example – will tremendously impact the insurance industry and civil litigation. 1702CV08