Corporate Vision February 2017

, Food Valley is a young company, producing one of the mainstays of the Italian and parmesan cuisine: Fresh pasta. The company is a winner of the CEO of the Year - Foodstuff Production and Supply, Italy award. Italian Flavour, Home Convenience Food Valley is a new way to appreciate the Italian fresh pasta: we choose only the best ingredients, we prepare following recipes of the gastronomic tradition of Parma, and then we freeze them immediately, in order to bring to the table, intact, all the pleasure of the first courses. No preservatives, the maximum quality, as good as freshly prepared. We love fresh pasta, like homemade, and we chose to make it so that everyone can get only the best from our products, from the quality of raw materials, mostly produced locally, and work according to the procedures that have made famous parmesan fresh pasta, such as porous pasta and the well calibrated filling. We took the local cooking traditions of the Parma area, and we added our passion, experimenting with new formats, new fillings, irreverent matchings that soon become new classics of taste, even in “special editions”. Once we have made our products, we freeze and pack them immediately in order to hold the quality of fresh pasta at its peak, which reveals its perfection as soon as the packages are opened, at the restaurants where they serve Food Valley or even at your home. Bon Appetite!! Our Products Food Valley is different, because we are specialized in fresh pasta, immediately frozen, inspired from the traditional process, but open to innovation. We propose different types of format and filling, from the most classic to the most original ones. We use only natural ingredients, such as wheat flour type OO, durum wheat, fresh pasteurized eggs, water and salt. We give our best with the fillings, like classical combinations of ricotta cheese and aromatic herb, pumpkin, mushrooms and braised meat, and unexpected and tasty matchings, as cheese and nuts, provolone cheese, apples, spicy salami and many others. And we can always create new products, also on the advice of our customers. Us and the Environment We give extraordinary attention at every stage of the creation of our pasta, from the choice of natural raw materials to the use of clean energy in our laboratories. All the choices we make, and we will make, will always consider the best ways to lower our impact on the environment. But our efforts does not stop: we choose vehicles with low emissions, we manage intelligently recycling, save water and opt for low-power equipment, from machinery to computers. For this reason, our laboratory and our warehouses are designed to have the minimal energy consumption, with maximum acoustic and thermal insulation, so important for a company that operates in the field of freezing; we adopted low energy equipment, as the trigeneration boiler that powers both the air conditioning system, both the domestic hot water, and we self-produce energy with a photovoltaic system that is fully integrated into the production process of energy consumed by the company. …and our Hospitality We can accommodate at the guesthouse of the Filagni’s cottage, right in front of our laboratory, all those who wish to visit our factory. K Company: Food Valley S.r.l. Address: Via G. D’Annunzio, 21 - 50135 Firenze, Italy Email: [email protected] Web Address: Telephone: +39 055 5057060 Fax: +39 055 5532581 1702CV26