Franchise Awards 2018

16 Corporate Vision / 2018 Franchise Awards , White Rose Finance Group Limited Best Commercial Finance Network - UK Part of theWhite Rose Finance Group, Brokerplan is a compelling opportunity for anyone looking to generate a significant income frombecoming a commercial finance broker. As part of our overview of a selection of winners of our 2018 Franchise Awards we profile the firm to learnmore about the unique opportunities it has to offer. Nov18765 CONTACT DETAILS: Company: White Rose Finance Group Limited Name: John Kent Address: 1 Abbey Court, Benedict Drive, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8RY Telephone Number: 0333 405 6666 or 01757 600511 Web Address: Email: [email protected] Brokerplan is the commercial finance network run by The White Rose Finance Group who are a standalone commercial finance brokerage trading since 2004. Since then the group has been sourcing commercial finance for the 5 million SME businesses and property projects it has supported. Today, the group works alongside its ever-growing network of Appointed Representatives (ARs), utilising its experienced broker desk and case management team to provide them with the advice and guidance they need to succeed. The network of ARs identify opportunities and submits them to the team who will source client funds and then package the cases on behalf of the network with the resultant fees being split up dependent on the chosen package provided. Currently, Brokerplan has 83 ARs, who are provided with continuous compliance and business support to help them to establish and grow their businesses further. All Brokers receive full support from Brokerplan throughout the process of establishing and running their own business, and as such they are able to flourish under this innovative company. Looking to the future, having recently launched a residential mortgage franchise (Your Mortgage Plus) to add to the already successful Brokerplan opportunity, the White Rose Franchise Group is now considering a number of other options which would benefit both its existing network partners as well as being attractive to new potential partners. These developments will help the group to achieve its ultimate mission: to continue to build this already vast network with like- minded professionals to increase its presence in the financial sector. The onset of FinTech continues to impact positively within this sector and is making it easier for brokers to source funds for the sort of projects and business that Brokerplan helps to fund. Thanks to its continued investment in technologies and ongoing focus on success, the franchise has many exciting opportunities to grow over the years to come and continue to build upon its already impressive track record.