Franchise Awards 2018

2 Corporate Vision / 2018 Franchise Awards K Welcome to the Franchise Awards 2018 Franchises are a shining light within local economies the world over, despite the struggles that are befalling the business world. In the US alone franchises earned $700 billion in 2017, and they give some of this money back to the local economy as they pay both their employees and their tax bills. Franchises can also be seen more appealing to some entrepreneurs than starting a new business from the ground up, as the foundations have already been laid by the franchisors. Franchise companies have cultures that tend to grow and rise as they meet the needs of the consumer across various spaces – from dog walking to hotels, from restaurants to mechanics – this industry truly shows no signs of slowing down. However, Corporate Vision wants to do more than just celebrate the accomplishments of the franchisees. We want to celebrate the franchisors who make these opportunities available and we want to recognise those who make all this possible, from those who work in franchise recruitment, to those who make everything financially possible.