Franchise Awards 2018

g Big Sky Franchise Team CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Big Sky Franchise Team Name: Tom DuFore - CEO Address: 12850 Hwy 9 N., Ste 600-126, Alpharetta, GA 30004 Telephone Number: 855-824-4759 x101 Web Address: This is where we provide our innovative trademarked product called the Franchise Blueprint, which is a detailed franchise business plan to help companies get an understanding of what a franchise model could look like for their business. Alongside this, we also offer a customisable range of services, including building-out franchise operations manuals, helping our clients with their franchise compliance documents, creating franchise marketing plans, designing franchise brochures and other potential marketing and training needs.” In offering this plethora of services, the firm implements a set of core values which allow the team to consistently support its valued clients. Tom is keen to highlight these values and how they benefit every client it has the privilege to support. “The Big Sky Franchise Team has six core values which drive us to success. Our core values start with Win-Win relationships. We believe that in order for any relationship to work it has to work for everyone involved. Number two is Humility. It is a constant reminder for each member of our team that we do not know everything and that we can always be learning something new. As part of this we believe very strongly in giving back, and as such we donate a percentage of our revenue each month to charity. It is one of the ways we can stay connected to our community and give back to those causes we consider important. Our third value is Continuous Improvement in which we are striving to “make it better.” Our fourth value is Innovation. We are always looking to find new ways to create something new and better to improve the experience and/or performance for our clients, Team members, and strategic partners. Our fifth value is integrity in all matters. I think that one is pretty clear. Last, but certainly not least, is Professional Excellence. We are always striving to create and establish a great experience for our clients throughout the entire process. From our internal processes, systems, through to our client presentations, client deliverables, marketing, branding, coaching, and support, we always seek to enhance our solutions. This helps us to deliver in an increasingly competitive market.” Looking to the future, Big Sky Franchise Team will continue to offer the benefits of its wisdom and experience and implement its values over the coming years as it seeks to achieve its mission and vision, both of which Tom outlines in his concluding comments. “Ultimately, our mission is to help make franchising a business simple. We will do this first and foremost, by helping to eliminate a lot of the fear our clients and prospects have about franchising. We provide clear, simple solutions and information to our clients to educate them on franchising. This information helps our clients be more informed and knowledgeable about franchising. “As we look into the future, our plan is to live out our purpose, values, and attitudes in an effort to reach our company vision: to be the preferred referral partner for anyone looking to franchise their business.”