Franchise Awards 2020

Franchise Awards 2020 11 Jan21039 The marketing needs of small businesses have evolved. They now need to be active across all media types. Websites, printing, signage and SEO. Managing this takes the business owner a great deal of time and investment. The team at Nettl have positioned themselves to act as a solution to this problem. Formerly a network of printshops, this franchise has become an international success story. We dig a little deeper into how they’ve achieved this. The business behind Nettl has undergone enormous changes since it first opened its doors twenty years ago as a printshop franchise. The team have transformed the business into a design-led organisation which provides all the essential marketing needs for every small business. This dramatic change was led by the needs of clients who now need more than print, and simply don’t have the time to explain their business to multiple creative service providers. To SMEs the local Nettl franchisee is their designer, web developer, printer, sign maker and digital marketeer all rolled into one. The franchise model attracts graphics-lead businesses who bolt-on the Nettl brand and use Nettls training, software and marketing to diversify their core services. The aim is to become the go-to place, in their town, for all the things clients now need. This business model has achieved astonishing results in the UK, with several Nettl studio locations owned and operated directly, while there are over 230 other Nettl locations around the globe operating under license, partnership, or franchise formats. Nettl has thrived because it’s a low-cost way for print and sign businesses to achieve growth. The central marketing team creates several new campaigns each month to ensures that new clients can be won by the franchisee. Teams can undertake training to build new skills and can utilise Nettls support structure and community when facing a challenge. In short, Nettl is a franchise where businesses maintain their independence whilst benefitting from being part of something bigger. The last 12 months have proven the resilience of the new approach, with the demand for print services falling drastically in the last year. Clients have spent the time investing in websites and online booking, to counter the challenges of social distancing. As the new normal starts to reassert itself, it’s clear that more will be required in the way of ecommerce shops and search engine optimisation. In many ways, this has proven the value of the Nettl franchise. As clients have looked for local experts who are able to meet their requirements in these challenging times, many print and graphics businesses have joined Nettl to enable them to service these new needs. Best Web Design Network - UK The Nettl approach has allowed printing firms to upskill their existing staff, broaden the services they offer and weather the storm that the pandemic has brought. In the long run, those who partner with Nettl have partnered with a team that will give them more routes to win new clients and more reasons to contact existing ones. By upskilling staff, the team turn existing employees into web, SEO and sales experts. Most print businesses have a member of the team who can design booklets or leaflets. Nettl offers them the support and software to apply these skills to website design. When they need help with coding or plugins, there is a talented team to turn to. Adapting the skills a team already has to the challenges of tomorrow has long been the secret of success for the team at Nettl. While many businesses have struggled through the last year, the team at Nettl have been proud to thrive for the most part. They are continuing to developwhat they offer clients in terms of marketing tools, training courses, software, and services. The last year has seen the team launch an exciting new range of apparel, signage, and software. In terms of expansion, America is seen as a growth market and will be a core focus for the firm. The team have already begun the process of reaching out to printers and graphic agencies who can benefit from being part of their successful network. 18 franchisees have been granted so far and with only one Nettl location option in every town, prospects need to be quick to secure their locational exclusivity. Few can argue with the fact that Nettl has become an extraordinary success within the industry. Drawing on years of expertise, it’s little wonder that the team have been able to adapt quickly to meet the needs of a constantly evolving marketplace. Company: Nettl Contact: Robert Finnie Email: [email protected]