Franchise Awards 2020

Franchise Awards 2020 13 Best Commercial Sales & Acquisitions Business - UK Business Sales Plus is a UK business broker that employs more than three decades of industry experience and an inimitable customer-centric approach to deliver personalised service in business sales. We take a closer look as the firm celebrates success at the Corporate Vision: Franchise Awards 2020. Over thirty-five years, Business Sales Plus (BSP) has established itself as a market-leading business broker for companies of all shapes and sizes across the UK. Taking on often complex and stressful transactions, BSP utilises decades of industry experience to curate a personalised, unique service that guides business vendors through each step of the selling process. Central to the BSP philosophy for good business is consistency in service, ensuring clients are able to rely on a friendly professional as a point of contact from the initial consultation to the completion of a sale. The team of Local Business Experts are therefore the defining feature of BSP, offering dedicated professionalism and insider knowledge in meticulous service. Specialists in identifying and analysing the strengths and attributes of businesses, BSP’s team of Experts are leaders in securing potential buyers and facilitating seamless selling and purchasing. As such, the approach to recruitment employed by BSP is meticulous, seeking driven, confident and customer-centric individuals with proven success in sales and corporate dexterity to thrive within a fast-growing company. Digital proficiency and creativity are also highly valued, as the team’s aptitude for solutions is what sets BSP apart in a highly competitive market. The result is a professional, inclusive and bespoke organisation built on a collaborative culture which sees team members of all levels interacting with the different facets of the business. Supported by its unique CRM system and superior services, BSP and its team of employees and franchisees collaborate to meet and exceed the expectations of stakeholders. The BSP team is growing. As a franchise with twenty-two branches spread across the UK, BSP takes great pride in its diverse representation aligns with its local areas through distinctive, personalised approaches. No two business sales are ever the same, and as such, no two transactions are the same. Instead, they require individuality and customised service that accommodates flexibility to the ever-evolving demands of a sale, in order to deliver a business sale that ultimately satisfies every party. Through continued network growth, BSP is enhancing its agility and customisation of Masters In Business Dec20423 service that is supported by similarly evolving technology. Building on the CRM system that the firm has successfully used for several years, BSP is now implementing greater technology to further streamline its processes, beginning with the ‘My BSP’ software, that gives clients easy, instant access to all the details of their sale. The introduction of this and other technological functions coincides with a period of strong continued growth nationwide since the initial economic rebound of summer 2020. With uncertainty provoked by the Covid-19 pandemic pushing business owners to sell, BSP has seen a surge of activity over the last year as one of the fastest growing business broker franchises of the UK. Evolving in accordance with regulations and restrictions set out by the government, BSP’s team of Business Experts have been able to continue safely engaging with its clients throughout the pandemic, utilising video conferencing or socially distanced meetings where necessary. As a result, BSP has sold a record number of businesses over the course of lockdown, benefiting from the exceptional relationships that are born from business activity in exceptional circumstances. Director for North Yorkshire, Steve Lee, was testament to this in his successful sale of a business in India, operating remotely yet still obtaining optimum results for his clients. The sale has also opened up new opportunities for BSP which is able to look beyond geographical constraints and explore new international markets as it looks ahead. Whilst the company looks to expand its global reach, BSP is simultaneously investing in its business closer to home, having relocated to new larger premises in its expansion of head office operations in Ilkley, Yorkshire. Meanwhile, Company Sales Plus, BSP’s sister company, is also set to play major roles in the firm’s upcoming ventures and projects, specialising in boutique M&A advisory services for national and international companies valued between £1 million and £25 million. Building on the success of BSP, this fast-growing sector of the business sales market promises a great deal for the next five years of the organisation as its continues to develop its carefully curated teams across the UK and introduces new franchisees into more locations. Moreover, with a predicted bounce back in the economy following the impacts of the pandemic, the future looks bright for BSP and its industry. Company: Business Sales Plus Ltd Contact: Paul Mitchell Website: