Franchise Awards 2020

Franchise Awards 2020 5 Feb21663 Best Franchise Recruitment Agency - Western Europe Currently representing around eighty franchises of all shapes and sizes, Franchise is Belgium’s leading web portal dedicated to creating partnerships between franchisors and potential franchisees. Using an innovative, algorithm-based matching platform, Franchise opens up exciting new ventures to budding business owners and established franchisors in its easy-to-use and effective system. We find out more about Franchise and its fresh take on franchise recruitment. Franchise, Belgium’s premier web portal for franchising and licensing, is, as its name suggests, all about the franchise industry. Founded with a vision to dynamically inform and stimulate the entrepreneurial landscape through the creation of suitable franchise partnerships, Franchise employs advanced technology on its ‘matchmaking’ platform to connect budding entrepreneurs with a myriad of franchises that will provide them the launchpad for their next business venture. As 80% of shops on the average high street are franchises, it is unsurprising that more and more individuals looking to start their own business do so with the support of a franchisor. Indeed, the chances of success for new franchises are approximately 90% higher than beginning independently, as franchisees are able to benefit from the established frameworks and financial groundings of its franchisors, whilst maintaining the autonomy they seek in starting their own business. Having seen 192% growth in its franchisee members in 2020 alone, Franchise is championing this developing trend. But with so many franchises in the market, the real challenge is where to begin. Using the innovative Into Franchise platform specifically designed for franchise recruitment companies, Franchise is able to promote its eighty national franchise brands across sectors in food, retail, hospitality and more to potential franchisees. Franchisors are able to create online marketing campaigns complete with PR and articles, newsletters distributed to target audiences, and social media building, in order to establish brand awareness across the Belgian franchise industry. Businesses also build a personalised ‘profile’ page, complete with videos, downloadable brochures and presentations, and all the information required by potential franchisees, as well as an internal CRM system to communicate with candidates. Potential franchisees also build their own profiles, complete with interests, experience and skillset. Using algorithm technology, the Franchise platform is then able to match candidates with its businesses franchising Connecting Entrepreneurs and Franchisors opportunities, offering franchisors a selection of potential franchisees to choose from. Franchisors are then able to interview potential candidates to ensure they have found the perfect match, beginning an exciting new journey for franchisor and franchisee. Currently offering training through its franchise expansion managers, Franchise is looking to expand its coaching services through the introduction of online courses like ‘The Specific Steps to Become a Franchisee’, designed for potential franchisees looking to make the greatest impact as they enter into their business venture. Driven by a purpose to offer continued innovation that adds value through results and solutions, as well as the establishment of long-term, trusting relationships, ideas for progress such as its coaching program are abundant at Franchise. The firm also intends to implement AI into its platform in its plans to further digitalise its offerings, which will also see the introduction of virtual franchise shows for a vast array of industries, spanning from food and restaurants to beauty and lifestyle. These virtual shows will also allow potential franchisees to connect with franchise brands, opening up new opportunities for franchising ventures. As the firm celebrates success as the Best Franchise Recruitment Agency of Western Europe at the Corporate Vision: Franchise Awards 2020, there is little doubt that its innovative approach to connecting entrepreneurs to franchises is taking off. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Franchise as it continues to enhance its offering and consequently revolutionise the franchise industry for the better. Company: Contact: Nick Boury Website: