GCC Enterprise Awards 2018

12 MEA MARKETS / 2018 GCC Enterprise Awards , Craig Consultants & Marketing is an innovative Bahrain based firm committed to becoming the international leader in transformative and sustainable DNA Culture Change. We caught up with Kevin Craig to find out more and explore the secrets behind the firm’s success. Craig Consultants & Marketing: Best Executive Coaching Company 2018 - Middle East Founded in 2008, today Craig Consultants are leaders in cutting edge Organisational Development work within the Middle East. The pioneers behind bringing Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching work and the world- renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) to the Kingdom of Bahrain, our experience and offering is amongst the strongest in the entire area. Kevin tells us more about the firm’s purpose and how it achieves this. “Here at Craig Consultants, our purpose is to shift individuals and groups to one of responsibility, accountability, capability and sustainability; to realise their full potential both personally and professionally. Our clients are individuals; leaders and leadership teams that are open minded, respectful, appreciative, growth orientated, frustrated, want help, willing to be open honest and vulnerable and are hungry for change. For these varied clients we provide a range of services which consists of Executive and Leadership Coaching, Facilitation, and Assessments. What makes us different is that we are committed to deep-seated coaching and development.” As in any service industry, in consultancy a strong, dedicated team is vital, and as such Kevin is keen to outline how his firm works to hire and retain such a workforce for the benefit of its valued clients. GCC18003 “When we are recruiting new team members to Craig Consultants we recruit to the values of Craig Consultants as well as using our alignment check™ model to ensures the individuals have the desire to work within these values, have the ability to do the job and commitment to our mission which is to shift individuals and groups to one of responsibility, accountability, capability and sustainability. “Staff quality is particularly important to us as there has been an influx of coaching certification programs within the region of which many are online or short in duration. The outcome of this is that there are few deep-seated coaches and that is jeopardising the credibility of the coaching community. All of our coaches are trained by the world’s leading coach training school – The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) as well as being ICF credentialed; we are able to position ourselves as the authentic coaches that truly enable individuals and groups to have that sustainable shift.” Moving forward, Kevin and his team have many exciting developments on the horizon, as he is happy to conclude. “Looking ahead, at Craig Consultants we are excited for the recent launch of our High Performance Coaching programme which is guided by our core values and core focus. And over the next two years we will creating a pop up center for real authentic inner work (to include coaching, kinesiology, pranic healing) in service of achieving a shift. “As we are the market leaders in Executive Coaching we want to give back to the community by providing quality-coaching programmes that people graduate from with authentic capabilities. We are also expanding our service offering to incorporate Kinesiology to better support our clients and ensure that we continue to meet their ever evolving needs over the years to come.” Company: Craig Consultants & Marketing Contact: Kevin Craig Address: 11th Floor, Al Falam Tower, Diplomatic Area, Manama, Bahrain Phone: 00973 36199980 Website: craigconsultants.com

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