Global Business Awards 2020

Facilities management services can include a wide range of maintenance, cleaning, security, and other on- site services that keep facilities running smoothly. Since the initial agreement back in 2013, the team at Salisbury Group has grown the firm’s contract base to include clients in sectors including universities and higher education, transport, local government, retail, recruitment, logistics, and infrastructure. The portfolio is hugely diverse, and is inclusive of facilities from modern corporate offices and listed buildings, to secure warehouses and industrial ports. Every contract is different, and Salisbury Group treats them as such with a personalised and bespoke approach to the services it provides. Over the last seven years, the company has grown a workforce of hundreds of people across the United Kingdom and Ireland, almost half of whom are mobile and ready to travel around their respective regions to deliver facilities management and building maintenance services. The story of Salisbury Group is one of growth and success, based on the talents of its people and its hand-picked leadership team. Together, everyone is working towards the firm’s vision of becoming the UK’s best workplace services partner, with values rooted in professionalism, integrity, passion, and safety. These were chosen by the employees through a company-wide engagement process, and truly reflect the impact that they make on their customers every single day. The company’s Group Managing Director, Andrew Lunt, reflects back on why the company was formed: “Before Salisbury existed, I was a customer in the facilities industry myself. I was often frustrated by the sometimes faceless organisations in our industry that lacked the human touch and failed to deliver on agreed objectives. We thought that we could do a lot better, and we wanted to have more control over quality and standards. So, we decided to bring the range of services together under one cohesive management structure – and Salisbury Group was born. Due to our history as originally being the customer, we have a totally unique understanding of how buildings work for people. We combine this with good technology and an above-and-beyond attitude from our people on the ground and in our support centres. This provides a more personal approach to facilities management and it makes a big difference for the end customer.” Ensuring that the customer-centricity and personalised approach is core to service delivery plans is key to what it wants to deliver. Never has that principle been more important than during the pandemic that the United Kingdom finds itself in now. Challenges presented by COVID-19 are not easy to address, and the pandemic has, to some extent, shined a light on the very important work done by the industry’s unsung heroes: cleaners, security guards, building maintenance personnel, and many more. The facilities management industry is all about people, and Salisbury Group has seen first hand just how impactful these individuals are to customers and buildings; keeping people safe and facilities running smoothly, no matter the challenge. Leading customer service methodology Salisbury has established a model for delivering excellent levels of customer service. The model puts the various company’s stakeholders at the heart of the service. It begins by looking at each new client and mapping the customer journey, acknowledging that every client may have different stakeholder groups that the service provider comes into contact with. As a facilities management business, Salisbury cleans head offices, maintains expensive engineering plant rooms, and secures buildings and external facilities alike. It undertakes critical compliance activities, handles the incoming mail, and sorts problems out when they arise. Therefore, it is a multi-faceted business that serves different types of customers. For each client, Salisbury has a team that maps the customer journey, allowing them to identify and later agree with the client the core priorities that make service feel high quality and personal to them. This involves a stakeholder engagement process that seeks feedback and opinions from a variety of sources, which leads to the capturing of key insights. These insights enable the service team to really understand what makes the customers happy – as well as what frustrates them. The insights directly contribute to the development of workplace standards that the client agrees reflect a culture of continuous improvement. The service standards are then transparently benchmarked with the customer on a periodic basis. To do so, Salisbury’s Customer Services Director visits each client lead to discuss performance data, understand their perception of Salisbury’s services, and work together to continuously improve the service offering. Furthermore, the company has invested in training both front-line and back-office employees in the celebrated WorldHost program, Principles of Customer Service. Salisbury’s Customer Services Director, Olivia Abbott, is officially licensed as a WorldHost trainer and has travelled throughout the company’s geographic area to educate staff in how to provide a first-class customer service. The training includes practical tools and insights to continuously raise service standards, engage fellow colleagues, and create a great customer experience in person and over the phone. It is delivered as a one-day course and it covers the importance of communication skills and the value of great first impressions to Salisbury’s customers. It teaches fundamentals skills that ensure employees deliver an excellent customer service at all times. Most Customer-Centric Facilities Management Business - UK & Ireland Customer centricity is something that every firm aims for, but few achieve to the same level of excellence that Salisbury Group has. Launched in 2013, the firm has become one of the finest facilities management (FM) businesses. It began with a landmark contract to provide FM services to a national estate that hosted major government departments and FTSE-listed companies as tenants. Since then, Salisbury Group has only gone from strength to strength, including finding success in this years’ Global Business Awards from Corporate Vision. Jul20496