Global Business Awards 2020

Issue 4 2020 11 Olivia says: “Often our people are the only physical representation of Salisbury our clients will see, so it is vitally important that they have this world-class customer service training in order to understand the lasting impression of our business that they will make. During the training, there is a focus on group work, improving communication and listening skills, and creating positive and lasting first impressions. The training also helps our people improve their own individual outlooks by understanding how their work impacts on others. I’m always impressed just how passionate our people are to get it right for the customer, and how open to change they are when it comes to their own personal development.” By bringing together a methodological approach to planning and delivering great customer service, alongside an internationally recognised training process for employees, Salisbury has put in place a customer experience model that is making a real impact for its stakeholders. Another key part of that customer-centricity that Salisbury Group focuses on lies in it being a forward-looking company that is heavily involved in discussions about emerging developments. Since its earliest contracts, the firm has invested in specific areas that add value to the clients and their end customers. In practice, this takes the form of Salisbury Group picking and choosing the best technology developers to work with, and focus on developing itself to become the UK’s best workplace services partner. Customers and clients can also rest easy in the knowledge that Salisbury Group is also a member of various industry bodies that facilitate dialogue with policy-makers and government representatives, to ensure that it stays abreast of any regulatory changes. Exciting growth story For all of its success and growth so far, the story of Salisbury Group is only just beginning. The firm has recently launched its new branding for the next stage of its growth story. Where previously the firm had a solid brand that reflected its industry, it now has a modern and fresh brand that marks it out as different. The new branding nods to the firm’s position as an increasingly prominent player with a growing number of high profile clients. For example, the new cube-shaped logo showcases the firm’s warm and friendly personality, whilst also recalling the strong and solid blocks of the buildings and facilities in which it works. The new strapline of “We take it personally” also reflects Salisbury Group’s business being all about people and references the personal impact that employees make for customers. The Group Managing Director, Andrew Lunt argues that being the UK’s best workplace services partner will not mean being the biggest or the cheapest, but “instead focusing on service quality and developing strong working relationships that deliver long-term benefits. In a nutshell, we believe we succeed by taking a more personal approach to customer management, and always acting in line with our values of professionalism, integrity, passion, and safety.” As the pandemic has shown, it is important to react to change quickly and safely in the facilities management sector, although the industry is sometimes slower to change than others, such as those focused purely on technology. This is because the facilities management industry is all about people, and companies need to consider the impact of change upon people before implementing it. Luckily, Salisbury Group is a company that is highly adaptable to change, and it is of a size where it can be nimble, but have the resources to drive change through. More widely, 2020 has been a year of massively significant change. How far the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to permanent change remains to be seen exactly, but it is possible that there will be lasting impacts on working patterns and what buildings are used for. The important thing is for companies like Salisbury Group to work in collaboration with clients to understand what they need now and in the future, and then set out how it can help them achieve their goals. Perhaps most importantly, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of cleaners, security guards, engineers, and facilities management personnel; these are people who have done a fantastic job throughout this trying time. Salisbury Group remains hopeful that there will be a positive change in the perception of the value of the industry as a whole. Ultimately, Salisbury Group is a business that exemplifies what it means to be a customer-centric firm to its fullest extent. 100% reflected in the “We take it personally” strapline of the company, Salisbury Group is all about the people that keep the country going. It is one of the industry’s greatest success stories, and is a bastion of positive change for an industry that can sometimes be reflected upon negatively. As the world continues to change in the face of pandemics and governmental regulations, Salisbury Group continues to stand firm and deliver outstanding facilities management services, with the customer at the heart. 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