Global Business Awards 2020

Oct20098 Global Business Awards 2020 21 Headquartered in both Florida and the Ukraine, Maidan Holding Corporation is a business group of the highest calibre, and has been awarded the title of Best Multi-Sector Business Holding Company in the Global Business Awards 2020. Registered in the Florida Department of State, the journey that Maidan Holding has taken to get to where it is today is one of grit, determination, and innovation of the highest quality. Join us as we pull back the curtain on this outstanding firm, and its recent successes. The firm’s beginnings can be traced back to the story of its self-made CEO and founder, who poured his life into getting to a place where he could affect change. From humble origins, Mr Dídad Sánchez was born at Barrio del Raval, in Barcelona, into what can only be described as a dysfunctional family. After the government of Catalonia chose to terminate the guardianship of his parents’ children when Mr Sánchez was but thirteen years old, he then was forced to live in a children’s shelter for more than four years alongside his two sisters. Unfortunately, both his mother and one of his two sisters suffered from a severe mental health disability, and his father was constantly in long-term unemployment. In an understandably difficult and complex social context, Mr Sánchez knew that he had to do something in order to make a better life. With no formal education, and trusting only in his own entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance, Mr Sánchez left the children’s shelter aged just eighteen, and started working almost immediately as a messenger, making photocopies, repairing computers, and creating his own content on the evenings and weekends that he had available to him. During this time, to support himself and his aspirations, Mr Sánchez also boosted his chances of success by working at an insurance company; all experience that would eventually pay dividends in a big way. Mr Sánchez’s fortunes began to change when, thanks to a three hundred hour-length online course on applying data protection law in companies financed by the insurance company he work at as an intern, Mr Sánchez requested a loan of two thousand euros from the company, Cofidis. From there, Mr Sánchez began to collate his savings alongside this loan together, and he soon has enough for what would become his very first entrepreneurial venture. Investing everything he had, Mr Sánchez created a marketing and communications agency, a smart move in a world where marketing and communication is one of the biggest markets at the moment. After earning moderate success with his first business, Mr Sánchez continued his growth by then creating another company not long after. This one was a data protection consultancy which ended up having a franchised legal Best Multi-Sector Business Holding Company 2020 network with more than two hundred lawyers across eighty different cities in Spain. After this company earned success, Mr Sánchez has sought even more by taking even more transversal projects in other industries that have created synergies within his corporate group. Thus, Maidan Holdings was born and in such a short amount of time by the age of 25, Mr Sánchez had become a paradigm amongst young entrepreneurs. Since Maidan Holding launched itself and incorporate new leader companies in a variety of sectors, it has grown over 460% annually. Some of the companies in the corporate group has a capital stock of more than five million euros, like Eliminalia, which has been a market- leader for eight years, specialising in erasing negative information from the Internet, media, and social media networks. With a wealth of strong and successful members, it is no wonder that Maidan Holding has been crowned Best Investing everything he had, Mr Sánchez created a marketing and communications agency, a smart move in a world where marketing and communication is one of the biggest markets at the moment. Multi-Sector Business Holding Company 2020 in the Global Business Awards. Union is strength, and is the reason why Maidan Holding expects the incorporation of new minority investors or stockholders during 2020 and 2021, in order to continue the globalisation of the companies within the holding. Looking to the future, Maidan Holding has developed a plan for expansion and globalisation for the upcoming years in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China, Japan, North Korea, and South Africa. Ultimately, this is a company built from the determination and dedication of one man, but its strength’s today lie in the unity it shares with companies it partners with. As the firm continues to grow, so too shall its success. Company: Maidan Holding Contact: Diego Sanchez Website: