Global Business Awards 2020

Aug20402 Global Business Awards 2020 23 Global and approachable; two of the defining attributes of Delta Controls, a market leader of Building Automation Systems. With a network of partners that spans more than eighty countries, Delta Controls has established itself as a trend-setter of the industry in innovation and sustainability for more than thirty years, thanks to its continual reach for excellence. Delta Controls is a leader in Building Automation Systems (BAS) that offers dependable and user-friendly control solutions for buildings in the commercial, healthcare, hospitality, education and leisure markets. As part of Delta Electronics, the firm is committed to leading building automation into a sustainable future. Over three decades ago, Delta Controls was founded on a single, fundamental principle; Do It Right. After years of growth and development, this core principle remains at the heart of the global organization, encapsulating where passion meets accountability. It is this mindset which drives Delta Controls’ actions, from building relationships to releasing products to the public. For Delta Controls, ‘good enough’ is never good enough. This philosophy is manifested in Delta Controls’ internal and external culture, as the company’s impressive global reach has been achieved through unified teams and strong partnerships. With systems and products designed for every marketplace across the globe, Delta Controls fosters close relationships with market leaders so that they can utilise feedback to further develop products tailored specifically for certain markets. This exchange of information is a vital element of the Delta Controls DNA that keeps the company accessible to Partners. The conversations are facilitated by programs such as the Delta Beta program, where Partners can help shape the direction of product development, the hosting of a Partner Council in which partnership can give direct feedback to Delta Controls and other conferences in which attendees can engage with the leadership team and product developers. It is this rapport between the company and Partner that sets Delta Controls apart from its competitors and permits its continual growth. Collaboration is just as important within the Delta Controls team, in which inclusivity and diversity are celebrated every day. The differences and similarities of individuals are lauded as it is this diversity in perspectives and experiences that help Delta Controls to foster creativity and innovation. As a team of problem Best Commercial Building Automation Systems Company 2020 solvers, Delta Controls is guided by innovation, collaboration and a commitment to finding real-world solutions to real-world problems. Every day, the team aims to go home with a feeling of pride as they make a difference to the world around them. Their participation globally promotes sustainability, ethical behaviour, well-being, happiness, pride, and partnership. It is this outstanding culture that guarantees excellence for every client. This excellence has garnered multiple awards alongside Best Commercial Building Automation Systems Company 2020 at the Corporate Vision Global Business Awards. The O3 Sensor Hub, which was created to accommodate the increased flexibility of businesses operating remotely, was awarded at the AHR Expo Innovation Awards in the Building Automation Category 2020 for innovation in-room control technology. The O3 Sensor Hub can identify areas of least occupancy using noise and motion detection. The system can track what rooms have been occupied to preserve three- day isolation periods and let users know when it’s time to clean again. Delta Controls has also been named Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year in building automation based on the strength of its partnership, technical innovation and global market growth. Although these accolades showcase Delta Controls’ dedication to the continual development of products and commitment to Partners and customers alike, they are certainly not a sign that Delta Controls is about to rest on its laurels any time soon. Continually elevating their product line with Partners and customers always in mind, Delta Controls has created a reputation for maintaining products and systems for a building’s lifecycle. As the way businesses now operate in light of the Covid-19 pandemic changes, the building automation sector is seeing a trend towards safe interactions in office and institutional settings. Delta Controls is, as ever, one step ahead, developing products and systems designed to give clients peace of mind by ensuring safe working environments. As the world adjusts to the new normal, Delta Controls and its signature innovation will prove more vital than ever. Contact: Shane Murphy Web Address: