Global Business Awards 2020

The ecosystem of our planet is being hugely impacted by our everyday practices. While this is not news to anyone, it is difficult to make progress in fixing the problem. The major obstacle that needs to be overcome is an economical one. Many business leaders would like to do more to help cut down on plastic production or reduce CO2 emissions, but it isn’t that simple when you have to make enough money to keep a business running. Conscious Creatives understand this, and rather than try to get companies to hurdle the obstacle and take it on the chin, they are showing that investing in sustainability can be a benefit to any company’s bottom line. In fact, they focus on what they call the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet and Profit. Using a four-step process, Conscious Creatives can help to turn a business into a successful pioneer in protecting the planet. First of all, they take an in-depth look at the mission and the values of the client. Secondly, they take this a step further by looking at the stakeholders and the board of directors in order to analyse what it is that these individuals want and what they want to steer the business towards. Often, it will be these leaders that will need convincing of the business sense of any large-scale sustainability changes to their company. Next, Conscious Creatives look at the business through lenses and frameworks such as the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals in order to see how the business’ product, service and goals can be made more sustainable. Afterward, a communications plan is developed and executed that showcases the positive impact the business can have, or is having, on the world. As with many industries, having connections to the right people and networks is a great boon. Conscious Creatives is part of a series of networks and groups such as the United Kingdom Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD). These groups push for sustainability and are even lobbying for central governments to replace the “archaic” GDP as their main progress framework and begin to use the Sustainable Development Goals instead. It means that Conscious Creatives have a finger on the pulse of all new developments and changes in policy, ensuring that they can give their clients up-to-date information and advice. Surprisingly, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the sustainability side of Conscious Creatives has seen an increase in demand for their Best Sustainability Marketing Firm 2020 - UK Conscious Creatives is an impactful communications agency seeking to make the world a better place by empowering companies in both the private and public sector to embrace sustainability in an economically viable way. Whether working with a small business or a government organisation, Conscious Creatives is able to show what sustainability means in modern business, how to incorporate it into daily workflow, and how to make a business case for it. services. It is believed that this is because business leaders have had time to become more introspective, and the uncomfortable truth that we have very little control over many aspects of the world has been made abundantly clear. Of course, before you can make change elsewhere, you need to make sure you come from a solid footing. Conscious Creatives make sure to practice what they preach and as such have very carefully crafted company values. None of their core values are there simply to sound good, they strive to ensure that each and every one has an impact on the way they operate. It is noted every time employer behaviour reflects company values. Employees of the company benefit from forward thinking policies, remote and flexible working (especially relevant given the year we have endured), six week’s annual leave per year and salaries above the living wage. They also encourage asking for things among their employees; if there is a device, a piece of software or a piece of equipment that would make the working day more productive or easier, they want to know about it. The company also works to be a showcase for how a more equal pay structure can increase employee engagement and improve the overall success of the business. Currently, Conscious Creatives are working with the council of Penzance and Newlyn in their native Cornwall. There is a large funding application that the council is working towards and wants to ensure that sustainability is part of the long-term plan. Overall, the company is helping to shape a future aligned with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals and develop a culture of conscious leadership throughout the country. Furthermore, taking “practice what you preach” to a whole new level, Conscious Creatives is in the process of completing their B-Corporation certificate, which will result in the company being legally bound to its ethical culture and policies, preserving them no matter who takes control of the company in the future. It is just one of the outstanding reasons the Conscious Creatives deserve the Best Sustainability Marketing Firm 2020 - UK award. Company: Conscious Creatives Contact: Mark Roberts Website: Jul20462