Global Business Awards 2020

Aug20465 Best Cyber-Physical Systems Manufacturer 2020 - Western Europe In a period that is being described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the global market is witnessing comprehensive transformations within industry, trade and commerce. CRETEC GmbH is a Germany-based designer and creator of high-tech solutions that enable the communication and coordination of people, machines, plants, logistics and products, even amidst the constant evolution of these concepts. We dug a little deeper to find out more about this award-winning firm. Based in Hammersbach, Germany, CRETEC is an award-winning developer and builder of high-performance modules and complete solutions created with German-made high-tech. Today, designing products in machine vision, code reading, LED lighting, complete inspection cells and robotics, CRETEC has grown from a specialised hardware developer to a full-service provider of everything from single components to complete turnkey cyber physical systems. Using only high-tech manufactured in Germany, CRETEC is able to offer complete solutions or individual components for client’s own projects, working closely with clients to provide the products they need, even at short notice. Excited by opportunities to learn and develop, CRETEC is working on a diverse range of projects, some of them far from the ordinary. Thanks to the company’s own vertical range of manufactured hardware, CRETEC has been able to develop their own housings, producing everything from the electronics to the self-designed PCB, the software to the C++. Operating predominantly in the automotive sector, CRETEC has also established for itself a loyal client base within automatization in general, as well as the food and pharmaceutical industries, in which CRETEC has been able to participate in some diverse and interesting projects. The loyal clientele has been cultivated by the hardworking team at CRETEC, who are the centre of the operation. Supporting and encouraging creative freedom and lateral thinking, CRETEC believes that the successful growth of the company is the result of the positive environment that the team creates. Fundamentally, CRETEC wants their staff to enjoy their roles so as to achieve results that no other company can attain. It is also vital for staff to stay up to date with the ever-changing nature of the high-tech industry, so the CRETEC team undergo continual training through online courses and trade fair visits. The result is a team of experts who are able to deliver thorough knowledge and excellence in service to their clients. After winning the Invision Top Innovation Award for 2018, CRETEC is constantly looking for new ways to continue its successful growth, both in terms of geography and its range of products. Currently, the firm is further developing their QUBIC cell concept, which allows existing systems to be extended in a modular system and new systems to be added together flexibly. Already developing and manufacturing their own co-bot cells, industrial robot cells, machine vision cells, laser marking stations and code verification cells, as well as using their own single components such as lighting and cameras in all cells, this new cell will be self-sufficient thanks to Artificial Intelligence, and will be able to be trained for an application, without needing to be programmed. As the company expands across Europe, having already founded new CRETEC Cybernetics companies with plans for two more across Europe, it is clear that CRETEC has big ambitions for the future. We look forward to seeing where these ambitions take CRETEC over the years to come. Contact: Alexander Trebing Web Address: