Global Business Awards 2020

A family-owned construction business with the reputation and vision of a global corporation, Composite Profiles UK is devoted to their mission and strapline Building Excellence . Grown to having a nationwide presence over more than twenty-five years of operation, Composite Profiles is a leading specialist in the supply and installation of composite metal floor decking and structural roof decking. As the company celebrates success at the Global Business Awards 2020, we had a closer look at the successful growth of Composite Profiles. What started in Poole as a small family-owned construction firm has developed over twenty-eight years into a multi award-winning specialist supplier and installer of metal floor decking and structural roof decking with operations across the whole of the UK. With a vision and brand identity that centres around their philosophy of ‘Building Excellence’, Composite Profiles is committed to delivering a world class service for every client. Under the founding principles of Roy Norton, and current leadership of Mark Norton, Composite Profiles focus on creating high performance teams and innovative metal decking solutions to the construction sector, creating inspirational buildings and spaces. With commissions that include hundreds of specialist and large-scale projects: from military bases to cruise terminals, hotels to mixed-use developments, Composite Profiles is built on family values that put customer service and loyalty at the heart of their business. Their public strapline Building Excellence can be broken down into the fundamental principles which make up the firm’s central ethos: Building Team Spirit, Building Knowledge, Building Trust, Building Relationships and Building the Future. Collectively, they are known as Pillars of Excellence and have been central to the organisation’s success. These Pillars of Excellence drive both the internal and external culture of Composite Profiles. With an innovative approach to people management resulting in a fully engaged team of leaders, Composite Profiles has shaken off the old-fashioned preconceptions of the construction sector and as a result is one of only eighty UK companies to have achieved a prestigious Investors in People Platinum Award. The health and wellbeing of every individual is a priority for Composite Profiles. With a collaborative culture that encourages a healthy work-life balance, team members are actively encouraged to make the most of their lunch breaks and weekly office yoga sessions. Meanwhile, the safety of those working out on sites is a critical element of the business. Composite Profiles is accredited by CHAS (best practice in Health and Safety) ensuring that members of the team who work in high risk environments are guaranteed a professional and safe experience. This approach to team care is outstanding in a small family-run business, putting many HR departments of major corporations to shame! The opportunity to recruit more members to the team is always cause for excitement at Composite Profiles. Thanks to their Platinum Investors in People award, the company is able to select great candidates who align with the company’s values. Great attitude, skills and ambitions for excellence are all vital attributes for potential candidates, and those who succeed at Composite Best Metal Decking Contractor 2020 - UK Aug20357 Profiles are the ones who drive self-improvement, provide solutions and engage with the business and the industry. The result of this meticulous recruitment process is a team who can be relied upon and guarantee excellence in every project. The stability and value of services offered by Composite Profiles has ensured customer loyalty during the uncertainty caused by Brexit and Covid-19. However, this resilient company is pulling through, even having launched a new safety product, wHOLE.Protect TM , in the depths of the nationwide lockdown. It was by refusing to enter panic mode when lockdown was announced that Composite Profiles was able to turn the situation on its head to continue operating effectively. Managing Director Mark Norton considered, “There is a lot we can’t do currently. Tell me what we can do.” Procedures were rewritten to ensure the business was able to continue safely and effectively. The team continue to provide excellent services to their clients even in such challenging times. The lockdown also showed the team where the business needed strengthening or adapting, and have therefore used the time productively to ensure that Composite Profiles will come out of the uncertainties of Brexit and Covid-19 better than ever. Contact: Mark Norton Web Address: