Global Business Awards 2020

The world of STEM is expanding, with more people moving into this sector by the day. It remains, however, a world of bias, where institutional norms could cause the industry to stagnate. The job of agencies like ATP Technical is to address the stark diversity crisis that is looming in the UK’s technical base. Following the team’s success in the Global Business Awards 2020, we take a closer look at how they managed this incredible achievement. Best Emerging STEM Recruitment Agency 2020 - UK ATP (All The People) Technical has an important role to play in the UK’s future. Engineering and technology are going to play a crucial part in the country moving forward and ensuring that employment in the field reflects the broad diversity of its people is vital. With years of experience in the field, the team aim to find a solution that not only sustains the current demand, but enhances what is already available. The problem facing the technical industries of the UK is one that has been longstanding. A skills shortage means that finding the right candidate for the right position in many companies is a challenge. The team at ATP Technical are aiming to address this inequality through the promotion of STEM-based careers across the full spectrum of the current and future working population. Working with organisations such as SATRO and TeenTech, they engage with schools, colleges and young people, to take a closer look at the career choices ahead of them. This engagement is designed to empower, educate and enthuse them into realising the opportunities on offer with a STEM career. This long-term aim is matched by the current goal of addressing the current skills shortage by attracting women and minority groups into a career sector which harnesses their current, and indeed their potential skills. At its heart, ATP Technical aims to transform the way recruitment is done in the technical sector, not only by ensuring that businesses have a diverse range of staff, but by opening the doors to fresh ideas. The promotion of a STEM education within schools is a vital step that will inspire future Engineers to move into this sector. Guiding the company forward are a team of experienced recruiters in the engineering sector. Between them, the team have decades of expertise that has changed the full client/candidate/agency experience. Their knowledge of the technical industries is spread across the Pharmaceutical, Automated Controls, Medical Device, Artificial Intelligence, Defence and complex engineering sectors of the UK, EU, Middle East and US markets. The team’s services vary depending on the needs of the job seeker. Often the team must navigate the complex rules around recruitment and employment legislation. This includes online IR35 tax compliance tools for deployed contractors and temporary workers. Additional peace of mind for clients and workers is provided through specialist insurance to protect against any HMRC challenge or legal action. The role that the team have taken in the technical industry means that ATP Technical is in high demand from many organisations. It is a well-regarded name amongst many FTSE 100 and Small to Medium sized businesses. The team’s tireless efforts ensure that leaders and innovators are provided with the right people to keep pace with global advancements and changing business dynamics. The work of ATP Technical has already played a major part in the revolution of the technical industry. In a rapidly growing sector, they have foreseen the problems that might arise and taken steps to alleviate the problem. Not content with being an exceptional recruitment company, they’re making moves to ensure there is a talented and diverse workforce for years to come. Company: ATP Technical Contact: Simon Bartington / John Docherty Web Address: