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The classic image of a young person joining the forces is one of a vibrant individual who leaves home to serve their country. They are free thinking, fit and healthy. Sadly, all too often, they return as a seriously damaged and injured individual in need of major support. We take a closer look at Veterans Response, a charity in the UK that is committed to fighting the case for those who fought for us. It isn’t easy coming back from the frontlines. In fact, civilian life is an enormous leap emotionally and physically. Gone are the close relationships with comrades replaced by the demand of everyday life. Many struggle with the transition, becoming depressed which can cause extreme anger and violent behaviour. The past two decades has seen a marked increase in the active service of UK armed forces, with the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq resulting in an increased number of servicemen and women who have been both physically and psychologically injured. This has placed incredible demand on the resources of charities and support organisations alike, many of which are simply not able to meet the specific requirements of certain cases. The role of Veterans Response is to help personnel who have fought on the front. Established by a military service provider, the team have a close understanding of the nature of events these individuals have witnessed and endured, and this has provided the framework for the charity as a whole. The team are committed to supporting veterans from all conflicts including their families. Returning to civilian life is not just a matter of slotting back in. For many, there are specific challenges that are stopping them from integrating smoothly. Guidance and counselling is commonplace, and Veterans Response works alongside organisations such as the NHS Anxious Minds to provide a place for people to discuss their concerns. Best Veteran Support Services Provider - UK Aug20150 The team also assist in those day-to-day matters that many overlook. Housing is a vital issue that is key to achieving success, so the team at Veterans Response have made sure that they are able to offer direct connections with a number of private landlords willing to offer people a hand as they get back on their feet. Military supported housing is available as well, alongside furniture packages to get people on their feet. These are made of donations from the public who want to help in a more concrete way. Alongside this, Veterans Response’s foodbanks is one of the only dedicated veteran foodbanks in the UK. Currently, the foodbank supports more than 200 veterans and their families each month, with the generous support from companies such as Asda, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Greggs, Morrisons, Fareshare and Aldi. Naturally one of the first things that a veteran wants to do is get back to work, but this can present its own challenges. Veterans Response also offers invaluable support in the form of numerous health and safety courses that allow those who have been on the front line a chance to apply their skills in a new area. Similarly, the team work with members of Job Center Plus, Forward Assist Recruitment and RFEA to find new opportunities for veterans to thrive. Supporting veterans does not need to be an onerous task. Simply sharing some of what the team do on social media does an enormous amount of good raising awareness of the cause. Offering unwanted furniture that deserves a second life, or even a financial contribution allows Veterans Response to continue performing its vital services. The team put in long hours, with many people volunteering their time to help people who have served their country, but they could not do this without the kindness and generosity of the Great British public. Company: Veterans Response Contact: Ian Driver Web Address: