Global Business Awards 2020

Issue 4 2020 7 Seriously investing in people Laurence went on to explain how Barrett Aerospace invests in and inspires its people, both in the company core team and also throughout its global supply chain. “ Internally, this belief and drive for innovation is crucial to creating the right kind of working atmosphere for everyone at Barrett Aerospace. The firm also believes that it is just as important to with experienced minds as it is to work with innovative minds, especially when it comes to trying new ideas. Experience can help determine whether or not an idea will take off and work, or whether or not it will fall flat. “Therefore, Barrett Aerospace is wholly committed to have both seasoned employees and undergraduate students alike on the team. With placement students from renowned institutions such as the UK’s Brunel University, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technical University Singapore, working together alongside permanent engineers and collaborators, the potential for excellence is truly boundless.” Barrett Aerospace has allied with Brunel University to provide experiences and opportunities to their students. On average, the firm’s global teams are assisted by either two or three placement students annually, fuelling the desire for innovation in the leaders of tomorrow. This has seen students work in the Czech Republic, India and Singapore with Barrett Aerospace’s partnered companies. Collaborating and partnering is a core company value. Laurence says that his MBA from Brunel University was instrumental in his transition from aerospace engineer to aerospace entrepreneur; it gave him the confidence to evolve his 15 years of technical experience into a viable business venture. Lead teams for Barrett Aerospace can be found all over the world, in places such as Singapore, the United Kingdom, and all over Europe. This geographical reach and flexibility mean that the company can deploy a wide range of skill sets quickly and effectively as needed. It also gives the firm a foothold exactly where it needs to be at any given time. On a manufacturing level, Barrett Aerospace has prototyping and medium to high-volume manufacturing capabilities now operating on a global scale, with manufacturers spread across Europe, India and Asia. The leadership at Barrett Aerospace states that the firm is home to a truly diverse team, all of whom are enabled to deliver an equal balance of experience and confidence. Empowered and aided at every step of the journey, the team delivers a modern approach to all projects. These team members prefer to work onsite with its customers and describe themselves as true ‘digital nomads’. They can generally be onsite, on location, within 48 hours of being in contact with a client to discuss their requirements. Looking to the next generation of aerospace engineers, Barrett Aerospace champions social improvement causes, such as the Annual Singapore Flight Competition. This involves teaching primary school children to understand the science of flight and to build aircraft as part of a countrywide competition with other schools. Barrett Aerospace is passionate about volunteering to support these activities and promote an early passion for STEM subjects. Responding to the coronavirus pandemic and beyond Despite Covid-19 hitting the aerospace industry very hard, Barrett Aerospace has been busy throughout 2020, working with established aerospace and engineering companies, building highly capable aerospace and non- aerospace composite solutions. However, the company has also had to deal with its fair share of challenges. The pandemic has led the firm to limit international travel by adopting skills and students already placed in the geographical locations required by its customers. Being digitally connected means business has more or less continued exactly as before. Moving ahead into 2021 and beyond, Laurence foresees a future encompassing the implementation of autonomy, green energy, the limiting of unnecessary travel, more working remotely and maintaining safe, social distancing. All of this has undoubtedly set the wheels of aviation change and innovation into motion. “Darwin actually said ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, it is the one that is the most adaptable to change.’ ” Laurence concluded. That certainly seems to be the case for Barrett Aerospace. Global Business Awards 0 7