Global Business Awards 2021

Best Advanced HotWater Solutions Manufacturer –Middle East Founded in 1962 in Israel, Chromagen has grown to become a leading global company that develops, manufactures, and sells advanced hot water energy-saving solutions that also promote environmental sustainability. The company has invested the last six decades in bringing innovation, quality, and cost-saving solutions to a diverse range of projects worldwide, including single homes, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, industrial plants, and more. We find out about the firm following its win in the Global Business Awards 2021. Since its establishment, Chromagen has continuously expanded and established two subsidiaries in Australia and Spain, as well as a solid network of distributors in more than thirty five countries around the world. Chromagen is positioned and recognized as a pioneer of hot water energy-saving solutions in the world, built on core values of reliability, efficiency, expertise, and quality. It is a firm that offers uncompromising service to its customers. The company utilises its extensive knowledge and technical experience to find the best optimized solutions for each country and market, to save costs and maximize hot water energy saving solutions for its end users. Across the board, Chromagen is committed to providing top quality technology, solutions, and products to every single user. Chromagen’s products are manufactured using advanced technologies and processes to ensure that the quality and longevity of the products themselves is completely unmatched. Chromagen is the market leader in Israel, with approximately thirty percent of the market share. The company offers solar, electric, gas boosters, and heat pump water heating solutions, as well as smart controllers for the residential and commercial sectors. The Israeli market in particular is a mature solar water heating market, which is an advantage for a firm such as Chromagen. Israel is also one of the largest solar markets in the world, per population. 2021 may have been a challenging year for many people, but it was a good business year for Chromagen. Many people were choosing to stay at home, showering and bathing. As a result, people were active to replace old systems with new ones that could save energy and heat water without doing damage to the environment. That has long been the vision of Chromagen; to promote innovative hot water heating solutions that use clean energy and encourage environmental sustainability. Chromagen takes enormous pride in its Project Department, especially for providing complete solar water heating solutions that are individually handled by company engineers. This department analyses project data, drafts preliminary design and ROI calculations, quotations, detailed engineering planning, installation, supervision, and post- sales technical support. It is not just the Project Department that excels, however. Excellence is clear to see from everybody at Chromagen. The firm’s strength is a result of the company’s diversity, with approximately three hundred employees across the world blending together multi-cultural and unique discussions. Chromagen, as a market leader in its industry, attracts new employees with its stable growth and sustainability over the years, emphasizing its core values of excellence, professionalism, Aug21517 innovation, and partnership. The firm is always on the lookout to attract new employees with its long-term talent programs, and an outstanding work atmosphere for them to thrive in. Over the last decade, more than a million Chromagen electric and solar tanks were manufactured and distributed around the globe, and the company continues to capture more of the market share than ever before. Chromagen strives to reach the top of the mountain, ensuring a healthier environment by using renewable and green technologies, supporting a cleaner world. The excellence of this firm cannot be overstated, and it deserves every success it has achieved, and will surely go on to achieve. Company: Chromagen Hot Water Solutions Contact: Dorit Cohen Website: