Global Business Awards 2021

Best Business & Management Consultancy Firm - DACH Region Based in Berlin, enspira Connect GmbH is a management consultancy company that started in 2013. Founded on the ambition and drive of the CEO, Hubert Hoffman, this enterprise has grown up with one of the leading connected intelligence and network specialists in Germany at the helm, working through coaching, consultancy, and digital agency services to oversee business transformation, strategy, business model design, product development, and venture building. The majority of its clients, in this manner, flock to it from the repute it has developed over time from the exemplary nature of its founder and the excellence of the team he has built around himself, utilising the services offered to help enspira Connect’s clients reach their next big milestone. Additionally, many of its clients are large and medium sized companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. However, the firm also regularly works with start-ups, and has proved its acumen time and time again in adding value to all manner of businesses across a variety of different scales and mission statements in order to create good connections. In this manner, it shepherds its clients towards reaching their goals, and opens up new spaces within which people and companies can truly thrive, reaching their market segment and their peers in order to cement their secure position in their industry. Creating space for businesspersons to be able to thrive, after all, is the mission of enspira Connect in and of itself. It links businesses with the wider world in a way that inspires, influences, and cultivates outreach, focusing in particular on digitization and how this can help companies through technological, cultural and value chains to better find their place in business. Networking and connectivity, in essence, is one of the most important aspects of thriving in the contemporary corporate landscape. Critically, enspira Connect knows this, and will always go above and beyond to help its customers to navigate these waters, becoming the driving force for network intelligence in Europe, helping Aug21756 Fundamentally, enspira Connect GmbH is an expert when it comes to networking. Showing its clients how invaluable making the right connections is, its approach is focused on outreach and connections for the companies it works with, from the consulting process to the implementation of structural redesigns. With a future-oriented business model, and a commitment to taking each of its clients forward into a bold new age, this company is quickly becoming the marketing leader for Germany’s corporate ecosystem. companies find successful ways for conducting future business with networking and connections. Developing the CQ – Connected Intelligence – framework in the previous year, enspira Connect has been working hard to produce yet more ways to effectively redesign business synergy and how this can be created. Encouraging connection through authentic growth, alongside networking with added value, the CQ framework allows businesses to reimagine their business model and ecosystem design with passion and integrity, taking clients from a value chain to a value net. Moreover, operating with procedures in the advisory process, use of digital tools and platforms, enhanced networking, and more has aided its clients in surviving the impacts of Covid-19, with enspira Connect is showing its more established clients how to learn new tricks and implement them effectively. After all, only through following the developments of industry regarding megatrends and developments can a company expect to keep up. Combining energy and inspiration, its talented and diligent staff work hard to keep up with client needs, responding to demands from the wider industry. Recently, this has meant morphing enspira Connect’s ideas of consultancy from technical experts in subject areas to process facilitators and change drivers, such as interim management and the duties that go hand in hand with such roles. Planning to expand its portfolio further into such things, it is dedicated to the business model design and redesign work it has been implementing, incorporating trend-setting customer experiences and new competitive focuses into the changes it puts in place. After all, the most connected business on the market, is the business that will drive that market’s future. Company: enspira Connect GmbH Contact: Hubert Hofmann Website: