Global Business Awards 2021

Rising Stars in Cryptocurrency Marketing 2021 Having made a name for itself with the expert service of a multitude of different clients, Blockwiz Solutions Limited is a company that does not rest until its customer is satisfied. Working with bold new start-ups in Cryptocurrency, and the enabler of these brave new ideas, this marketing team will work with a client in order to help them carve out their place in a dynamic sector that is constantly changing and growing. Operating with passion, empathy, and diligence, Blockwiz is proficient in helping clients crack the marketing code across all manner of channels, and has curated a long list of loyal clients as a result. Blockwiz Solutions Limited, a Toronto based company that has brought together a brilliant group of growth marketers, creative writers, designers, and self-professed ‘crypto-nerds’, is a brand that is quickly making a name for itself with unlocking rapid growth for the world’s most iconic Cryptocurrency start- ups. Fundamentally, it wishes to help these companies to find their feet in a diverse and dynamic industry that is forever pushing forward towards a better and brighter future, making it somewhat difficult for newer companies to get involved and keep their footing. This is where Blockwiz can help. Essentially, it was born from the want to find the kind of marketing team that simply wasn’t around at the time, and so it built that marketing team from the ground up. In this manner, it was started on a foundation of determination and ambition that has fuelled every single one of its operations since, with founders that have helped it to begin truly pioneering the industry and leading from the front, despite its relative youth as a business. In fact, much of the time, this youth is a boon rather than a detriment. Working with a ‘one expert at a time’ philosophy when it came to building its staff, it hand-picked every single one of them for their expertise in their field, their attitude towards their work, and their manner towards customers and client service. Therefore, it has curated an environment of excellence that every client can feel the moment they step through its doors; due to this, it has been able to help organisations multiply their organic SEO visitors by the hundreds, with social engagement, influencer campaigns, and telegram communities available across DeFi, NFTs, exchanges, and wallets. Thusly, Blockwiz allows its clients access to a brand-new way to access their customer base – something from which a client can immediately benefit – and leading to those same customers leaving Blockwiz exemplary reviews on its website and LinkedIn both. First and foremost, its expert team specialises in the development of a data-driven and thoroughly transparent marketing plan for its clients. This can include multiple different channels depending on the client, and where their market segment lies, with the ability to expand their reach across influencers, community management, emails, blogs, press releases, and management of SEO, enhancing the wider world’s opinion of the company in question by ensuring their internet personality is cohesive and appealing. By operating in this manner, its over 55 brands have grown to laud each of its services as exemplary, putting their utmost Aug21819 faith and trust in its work. Moreover, the companies who make up its client list are currently found all over the world, each representative of an outstanding company that has since created an exemplary niche for itself in the industry, such as Bybit, OKEx, Paxful, Delta, Remitano, Vauld, Fusible, Giottus, CoinDCX, and more. Having run over 300 successful campaigns, Blockwiz is excited to see what challenges the future might bring, ready and waiting to be one of the first Cryptocurrency marketing firms to implement the changes and developments that will take it and its clients into a bold new age. Company: Blockwiz Solutions Limited Contact: Aashna Sadhan Gupta Website: