Global Business Awards 2021

Best Global Mobile Application Service Providers 2021 Mississauga-based i-Lanam Technologies possesses the know-how in designing and developing websites, mobile applications and web apps in various verticals based on cryptocurrencies & NFTs, logistics & travel, education, ERP & CRM, e-commerce and more. Following its recent success at the Global Business Awards 2021, Prasoon Sinha offers and insight into i-Lanam. Recently acclaimed as the Best Global Mobile Application Service Providers 2021, i-Lanam Technologies aims to provide high- quality enterprise mobility solutions and knows precisely what it takes to execute an entrepreneurial idea in an application. Founder and CEO Prasoon Sinha explains, “We started our company during the Covid-19 pandemic, aiming to provide every single business, big or small, a digital platform through an application or website developed and distributed across the globe.” Every application project i-Lanam undertakes is 100% customizable. Everyone from the project managers, business analysts, designers, developers, quality analysts to marketers at i-Lanam help clients achieve their goals on a large scale and expand their business reach while keeping timeline and cost constraints in mind. From start-ups to enterprises, i-Lanam takes pride in working with all sizes of businesses. Prasoon states, “We always believe in building relationships that last and thus, we are passionate about our client’s success.” Services offered range from iOS, Android or web app development, UI and UX design, IT market solutions, AR and VR Games and digital marketing services. Throughout the company, members are grown on a belief that it can only differentiate itself from the rest if i-Lanam can keep its values system alive. An essential component of the value system is integrity and honesty, and i-Lanam strives to be a company known for its transparency. Prasoon adds, “Our values have not changed since we opened. We take pride in establishing an honest and transparent relationship with our clients, partners, employees, and various stakeholders. Our team holds the same philosophy-build relationship that goes beyond the invoice.” IT is a fast-growing industry, and there is always someone who aims to be better or provide better services. i-Lanam collectively ensures each client it works with, irrespective of the budget and size, is treated as the top priority. Prasoon states, “We continuously strive to provide solutions that bring value and profitability to their business.” At i-Lanam, there are many ways to deliver projects. Its project management methodology lays out a framework of principles and practices that guide the business in organizing its projects to ensure optimum performance. As technology is emerging and advancing, i-Lanam is focusing on AI development. Prasoon explains, “The pandemic has taught the power of digitization and the need for smart apps in our life. Keeping the same in mind, we have started training our employees in the areas of AI, AR, VR, and IoT.” Currently, i-Lanam aims to complete several significant projects by the end of 2021, such as online learning platforms, event management platforms, budgeting applications, social media applications, and on-demand services like food delivery, laundry application, taxi app and utility application. The most significant development that i-Lanam foresees is technology in every sector, as less human interaction is needed. Prasoon states, “We are planning to adapt to the need and provide the solutions accordingly to the market. We want to focus more on our global presence and successful delivery of projects across the globe.” Company Name: i-Lanam Technologies Contact Name: Prasoon Sinha Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Sep21266