Global Business Awards 2021

Global Business Awards 2021 37 App has helped streamline and reduce the administration overhead associated with Covid-19. The future of PEMAC resides in the drive for IoT/Industry 4.0. “We see this as a cornerstone of our future product roadmap. Recognising CMMS software integration as a key differentiator for manufacturing and related industries, we launched our Reseller Programme earlier this year. This has so far proven very successful in delivering value to verticals outside of our traditional reach. By integrating our CMMS into existing solutions, we enhance the value of a customer’s data and make it easier to create an operational win inside their business. This insight makes our partner more valuable to the customer and us,” explains Louis. Overall, customers want a voice. They want to engage with a solution provider that allows them to influence the product roadmap and solve their business issues as they arise. “So, there are two elements; one is the technology and how something can be done. Is it technically feasible? We focus efforts on emerging technology so that we have the building blocks to design a solution. The second element is designing the solution, so that the final product is usable. This is where customer feedback is essential and why focusing on the end- user is so valuable,” states Louis. Company: PEMAC Contact: Louis Tuttle Web Address: Email: [email protected] Oct21121 Best Maintenance Management Software Provider - Europe PEMAC is a Best-of-Breed CMMS with an open architecture designed to integrate with other solutions, including ERP, MES, and PLCs. In addition, it is a highly configurable solution that the customer can customise and develop, evolving the product around their needs, which lowers the project risk, aids adoption, and makes PEMAC more meaningful over time. PEMAC Assets includes a workflow management tool called PEMAC Forms which allows the customer to take any paper process and digitise it, enhancing their existing processes and lowering the cost of meeting regulatory or audit requirements. “PEMAC uses a development approach called API (Application Programme Interface) to integrate with other systems. Essentially, it’s like ‘Software Lego’ making it easier to integrate PEMAC and leverage data to create a holistic view of the production process,” states Louis Tuttle, Director of Sales at PEMAC. Moreover, the focus of PEMAC is primarily on the Engineering user as its core customer, helping to resolve the many challenges they face while supporting their businesses. This focused approach ensures that PEMAC Assets remains an intuitive system, aiding customer adoption and lowering the cost of implementation whilst also driving the critical element that every system needs - good data. “Along with the PEMAC App, we support our clients to pursue a paperless approach to maintenance, improving the quality and quantity of data collected while lowering the ongoing administration cost of running a CMMS,” states Louis. PEMAC differentiates itself from other businesses within the industry by using Maintenance Intelligence, leveraging the data flowing into PEMAC to help users make business decisions around capital replacement, redeployment of resources, spare parts optimisation and Lean. For example, taking the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of an asset and comparing this to the preventative maintenance interval set for that asset helps to identify over and under-maintained assets. This helps Engineering to focus their resources where they are most useful, while also creating a valuable feedback loop between unplanned and planned maintenance programmes,” explains Louis. Whilst many companies battled challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, PEMAC has been making best use of this difficult period to focus on innovation and customer needs. In some ways, Covid-19 has helped speed up the digitisation process and the drive for an integrated paperless world. For example, the increased risk associated with specific tasks and staff scheduling to avoid an outbreak has made the use of the PEMAC App more valuable. In addition, integrating Covid-19 contact tracing forms into the contractor vetting process and making this available on the PEMAC PEMAC is best known for its Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solution, PEMAC Assets, which allows enterprises to optimise their preventive maintenance programmes by lowering equipment failure rates, reducing costs, and remaining compliant. Globally renowned for its excellence, PEMAC develops, implements, integrates, and supports a diversified customer base. It is particularly focused on supporting medium to large enterprises across the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device, logistics, and general manufacturing sectors.