Global Business Awards 2021

Sep21846 Most Inspirational Hearing- Impaired Company Founder (Paris) : Louisa Maria Boubakri A collection of several different luxury brands, The Glam Prestige Group has made a name for itself by accumulating a variety of businesses into one conglomerate. With the founder, Louisa Maria Boubakri, being one of the most exemplary leaders in her field of the moment, her influence has been guiding each of the individual brands under the name of The Glam Prestige Group to further success as a whole after going to the mounted on the red carpet at the Venice International Film Festival in September 2020 by the organization BETTER WORLD FORUM, bringing it to entertainment festivals and conference venues around the world. The Glam Prestige Group, a company run by founder and CEO Louisa Maria Boubakri, is a company that offers business strategies to its clients to allow them to put their best foot forward in their market. Its clients, or ‘international celebrity diamond brands’, are offered marketing, outreach, and professional consultation strategies that cover everything from entertainment to production, as well as digital services, a business club, TV channel, and store. Having celebrated its first birthday on the 24th of April this year, this relatively young company has enjoyed a fast-paced and impressive growth spurt that has been further bolstered by the founder’s own excellence in the industry in which she operates, becoming a known company name amongst all manner of clients and professionals. Fundamentally, its three separate facets handle everything from international brand development through brand ambassadors, to strategic advice and brand consultancy, and e-commerce through its online shop that will offer such brands an exemplary place to sell their products. Whilst unavailable at present, The Glam Prestige Group is working hard to cultivate a space that will be user intuitive, beautiful, and suitably able to shine a spotlight on its customer’s flagship products and offerings in order to entice end users to purchase such things, cultivating a loyal customer base as a result. Through building a bridge across which its clients can reach its market segment, The Glam Prestige Group promises a space through which they can represent their brands in the best possible way and cultivate an online presence in the e-commerce world that will generate leads and curate their reputation. Thus, it has already developed a vast portfolio of prestigious and exemplary international brands that it is excited to finally be able to show off to its wider market segment. Its international value chain, moreover, has made for a budding franchise that will soon waste no time in making waves. Carrying a significant amount of existing repute to its location alone, this Parisian company looks forward to plying its trade for professionals all across the world as well as in its home country of France, bringing a classic French sophistication and attention to detail to everything it does. It also applies each of its exemplary values and principles to its work to allow this. Critically, when approaching its clients, it works with efficiency and dedication in order to serve them to the best of its ability, working hard to cultivate good working relationships between itself and its customers so that it has a vast network of good business connections. After all, these connections are what can make or break a company’s growth in the international corporate ecosystem, and those without often find themselves unable to defend the amount of interests they wish to defend. In addition to this, establishing a good network of collaborators and business partners means that it has attracted the required support to be able to begin doing business in a way that is backed up by companies that believe in its vision, and that The Glam Prestige Group also believes in. This has allowed it to begin to add exemplary new business ideas and innovations to its list of high-end brands based on services : The Upcoming Nights, Prestige World TV and The Elite Affairs and based on products: Billionaire Cosmetics, Powerful Stars, Royal and Queen and The Glam Prestige. For example, one of the brands to its credit, The Upcoming Nights, was able to use it to strengthen itself and further promote itself in order to reach new daring heights of success, by participating in the next Festivals in the artistic and cinema fields to support the organized event supporting children and the development of school facilities to teach them. The Upcoming Nights is a new virtual events service that is brilliantly adapted for a post-pandemic world, with the promise of bringing a new means of connection and communication to its clientele. Being reserved for members, it is very exclusive, the benefits of its VIP membership being donated to the Louisa Maria BOUBAKRI foundation, looking forward to running its first « Celebrity Business Awards » event to be help very soon and reach members all over the globe. Furthermore,