Global Business Awards 2022

Sep22039 Chinese Product Sourcing Specialists of the Year 2022 Since 2015, China Global Sourcing has been a leading provider of fully managed end-to-end sourcing solutions for businesses looking to manufacture and import from China. The team works to discover new and exciting factories, and then connects them to businesses that require their services. No matter what the challenge, whether it is sampling, prototyping, manufacturing, certification, or branding and packaging, the CGS team knows exactly who to turn to. The work that the team undertakes covers an extraordinary range of different products and industries, each with its own unique set of demands and challenges. It does mean that the team has quickly acquired a wealth of transferable experiences which ensure that large scale manufacturing, prototype, custom designed sample or branded product can be delivered without any problems. From enquiry to delivery, businesses place their trust in CGS and receive exactly what they expect every time. Some of the clients that the team takes on already have their own suppliers in China, but this does not mean that CGS cannot provide an invaluable service. In fact, it opens the door to onsite quality control, consolidation of products for shipment, warehousing, landed worldwide shipping, and customs clearance, which ensures that the quality of the product is to AQL standards and delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. The team can also facilitate the purchasing products, labelling, barcoding (ASIN and FNSKU), bagging, and direct shipment from China to e-commerce platform fulfilment centres around the globe. CGS employs specialist consultants who understand in-depth the requirements that each product has. One of the key aspects of what is on offer is the use of recognised laboratories to test and certify products, to regulatory and safety standards. These include CE, UL, SAA, FC, BIS, SASO, IEC, REACH, RoHS, CPSIA, EN71, LFGB, FDA and IP65. Being able to find a provider who can ensure this process is delivered effectively is no easy feat, but one which takes the pressure from other departments. Working with CGS has benefited many businesses, smoothing the process of bringing a product to market significantly. The reason that the team has been able to thrive over the last seven years is a credit to their proactive approach to Chinese business. Many would simply have external representatives on the ground, but CGS sends inhouse members of the team directly to the location. This allows them to carry out detailed factory inspections, audits and quality control inspections to AQL standards. At every stage of CGS’ operations is a commitment to helping businesses reduce potential losses, setting up large scale manufacturing and maximising the resultant efficiency. CGS has built its own intricate network of companies to create and manage supply chains and be the point of contact on the ground in China for their clients. This intimate local knowledge is just one reason why the firm is such a valuable asset to clients around the world. The supply chains that keep business moving are vital to business success, but few understand how complex these links are and how one fault in the chain can cause enormous delay. The team at CGS is intimately aware of the value that their clients put in the supply chain, and make the most effort possible to ensure that every link plays its part perfectly. The work that CGS does is invaluable to many businesses, allowing them to prove their considerable ability on the international stage with the greatest of ease. They are an essential addition to the offerings of many businesses, providing an invaluable way forward in terms of manufacturing. The demand for their services is only likely to increase as more businesses turn to CGS to support their manufacturing capacity. Company: China Global Sourcing Email: [email protected] Website: For countries around the world, China has become an intrinsic part of the supply chain. It’s impossible to overstate its importance to many industries, but success depends on finding a factory that can deliver to the standards you expect. With so many choices across the region, it is worth paying an expert to ensure standards are met. The team at China Global Sourcing have made manufacturing and importing from China their mission, and we dig a little deeper to find out more. Global Business Awards 2022 11