Global Business Awards 2022

Unlocking a business’s potential means something different depending on the industry. Any strategies or solutions designed to reach this aim must be tailor-made to take advantage of a company’s specific pros, cons, and abilities. Lilvera Group knows that better than most, and its full service revolves around delivering those bespoke services that elevate its clients into the next tier of profitability. When Lilvera was founded, it intended to unlock a business’s potential via tailor-made marketing solutions. Now, over 12 years later, from digital marketing tools to general strategies, Lilvera supplies marketing tools and techniques that enable businesses to reach their peak. At Lilvera group, customers receive ultramodern branding and fabrication solutions guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, customised to fit the brand. With customised marketing and promotional strategies – designed to help generate new leads, re-engage with existing customers, and boost a client’s revenue – clients’ brands receive the necessary push it needs to dominate in a constantly evolving marketplace. No matter the target demographics they aim to reach, no matter the platform, it ensures its clients’ visibility and market share. Lilvera Group also offers clients the best event management services, tailor-made for the specific brand and target audience. As every event calls for its own degree of uniqueness, it aims to “wow” clients and their customers with well-thought-out strategies and ideas to make each project stand clear from any other. It also uses well-thought-out and executed stories to provide a fresh experience every time consumers engage with the brand, thus building brand love and loyalty. It was founded to serve its customers and commits to building value for them. As a company, it has a strong focus on marketing solutions however, its focus does not end there. Lilvera also provides a suite of IT solutions and integrations to aid in a customer’s operations. For example, its IT deployment services provide extensive installation experience to meet client’s needs for successful deployment, installation, and reliability, no matter how big or small. On the other hand, its IT consultants work to analyse and solve the strategic or routine IT problems its customers have. It is a multi-faceted organisation that works to ensure its client’s futures are full of success. Concurrently, Lilvera’s work has a marked inclination towards generating sales. The team isn’t content to just boost the general perception of the brand, it ensures Lilvera’s solutions tangibly benefit its clients’ bottom lines. So far, 2022 has been quite successful for Lilvera. The company is still on a path to further growth and looks forward to increasing its clientele and business portfolio. The only pressing industry-based challenge it has met is the rising number of competitors. However, its passion, originality, and proven success give it something the newcomers lack. Additionally, though the pandemic affected the entire world – with the industry being no exception – for Lilvera, there was next to no struggle connecting with clients. Due to the unique relationships Lilvera forges with its customers, it effortlessly wades through challenging times to achieve the goals it sets out to achieve. Every action and solution it crafts are unique to each client, so no two businesses will receive the same work from Lilvera’s team. However, they will share an incredibly high level of service and equally effective and profitable marketing and IT solutions from Africa’s Most Client-Focused Marketing Agency of the Year. Contact: Buchi Johnson Email: [email protected]. Company: Lilvera Group Web Address: Sep22451 Most Client-Focused Marketing Agency of the Year – Africa Lilvera “Lilvera drives innovation to create the world’s best solutions.”