Global Business Awards 2023

Catering to the needs of the individual, the team offers a range of services, including personalised hearing training, training in hearing processing, education for relatives, information on accessories, and much more. Customers are invited to attend regular appointments to test their hearing, and hearing aids can be adjusted to any changes. Hörstudio Schirner is available six days a week to provide its exceptional service and create the best conditions for optimal hearing success. Working with the FANDA foundation in Argentina, the business’s donations enable children from poorer backgrounds to access the best possible hearing experience. In the last 20 years, Hörstudio Schirner has collected over 7000 hearing aids for the foundation. Due to the generosity of its customers and colleagues, the company has been able to fit many children with their first hearing aids, enabling them to experience a better future. The company continues to innovate its technologies by regularly testing new products and providing employee training to keep its team informed on the latest developments. The future will see the business continuing to strengthen its hearing innovations and remaining steadfast in its commitment to the four pillars of the Schirner Effectiveness Principle. For its consistent delivery of optimal hearing solutions and outstanding customer service, Hörstudio Schirner has been awarded this year’s award for Best Hearing Aid Fitting & Retail Company – Germany. Contact: Ralph Schirner Company: Hörstudio Schirner Web Address: Aug23271 Founded in 1998, Hörstudio Schirner is a specialist in hearing acoustics, offering solutions for all ages to enable optimal hearing and understanding. The company is consistently innovating and educating in order to incorporate the latest scientific findings and measurement methods for the benefit of its clientele. Hörstudio Schirner provides state-of-the-art hearing technology but also cares deeply about catering to the individual with personalised solutions for the best possible result. Celebrating 25 years of business, Hörstudio Schirner offers a variety of fitting options and modern hearing aids for customers of all ages. The company prides itself on its diverse, highly qualified workforce and their dedication to continuous development. Valuing its personal relationships with clients, Hörstudio Schirner aims to inspire customers with excellent service. The firm is committed to finding an optimal hearing solution for everyone by comparing different hearing aids to suit the customer’s listening habits and environment. Hörstudio Schirner employs the four pillars of the Schirner Effectiveness Principle (hearing aid fitting, hearing aid technology, Renova hearing training, and individual aftercare). Using reliable, modern measurement technology, the company records important characteristics of a client’s hearing and auditory processing. The information received helps its team of experts create a clear picture of what is achievable for the user. The company aims to serve patients in a holistic way, training them to reconnect with the sounds they encounter. Hörstudio Schirner works in collaboration with users and leading hearing aid manufacturers. It has built close, professional relationships with the developers of hearing systems to ensure it is up-to-date on the latest hearing innovations. The business is one of the first hearing care professionals to employ Revona Hearing Training, an innovative concept designed to strengthen users’ auditory processing skills. Clients undergo a two-week training period with their new hearing aids to ensure they are getting the most out of the technology. The aim of the training is to allow the patient to test the technology in both quiet and noisy environments. From this information, hearing aids can be adjusted to fit the client’s existing nerve cell connections, resulting in more effective performance. Hörstudio Schirner carries Lyric, the first invisible hearing aid designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The device perfectly adapts to fit the anatomy of the ear and allows the user to take part in everyday activities such as showering, sports, and using the telephone. It has been created to minimise background noise and provides excellent sound quality. Lyric is only one of the company’s many unobtrusive hearing solutions. Hörstudio Schirner provides advice independently from the manufacturer to find the ideal, discreet hearing solution for every customer. Best Hearing Aid Fitting & Retail Company 2023 - Germany