Global Business Awards 2023

things, allowing its clients to find their feet and settle without having to trouble themselves with any additional stresses. As such, it’s unsurprising that PT KELLYS EXPRESS’s services are heralded as invaluable throughout the region. We’re sure that, as Indonesia continues down its path of excellence, PT KELLYS EXPRESS will be right beside it to guide companies along a similar avenue. Contact Details Contact: Murugesu Tharmarajah Company: PT KELLYS EXPRESS Web Address: Aug23187 Best Relocation Logistics Firm 2023 - Indonesia Established in 2007, right before the huge acceleration of Indonesia’s economy, PT KELLYS EXPRESS assists multi-national companies, relocation management companies, globally recognised corporations, and private clients alike in relocating to Indonesia. Whether this is only a temporary change, or a long-term commitment, PT KELLYS EXPRESS is at the forefront of ensuring that each client is able to settle within Indonesia, to the point where they can view it as a second home. This, partnered with its eagerness to merge Indonesia into a part of a company’s collection of experiences, sets it apart as a relocation firm that truly recognises the worth of its location, and is excited to spread it with the world. In the beginning, PT KELLYS EXPRESS had a single warehouse, and had no option but to outsource its transport, field staff, and vehicles. However, as it has risen to the heights that it finds itself at today, its capabilities have drastically expanded. Now, PT KELLYS EXPRESS owns four warehouses, six trucks, two staff transporter vehicles, and a permanent collective of field staff with numbers exceeding 40. Truly, PT KELLYS EXPRESS has come leaps and bounds since 2007, and has demonstrated its willingness to adapt with the times in order to deliver the best possible services to its clients. Of course, it isn’t by mere coincidence that PT KELLYS EXPRESS has managed to accumulate such exceptional growth over the past sixteen years. PT KELLYS EXPRESS, since its inception, has cherished its clients wholeheartedly, leading to a business practise that prioritises satisfaction and accessibility above all else. It’s thanks to this unwavering dedication to upkeeping an incredibly high standard when it comes to client satisfaction that PT KELLYS EXPRESS has managed to accumulate such a stellar reputation. Now, it has the opportunity to work in participation with embassies, high commissions, NGO establishments, and a variety of similarly prestigious establishments. Indonesia’s economy is among the fastest growing throughout the world. As such, it requires an equally quick mind to match its pace. It’s this quality that makes PT KELLYS EXPRESS so special. It somehow manages to expertly balance client satisfaction and tact to efficiently make decisions that will best impact every individual involved. All the while, it delivers service with a smile – an attribute that has assisted it in coalescing a solid client base that’s simply filled to the brim with appreciation. Without PT KELLYS EXPRESS, relocating to Indonesia would pose far more trouble, yet its commitment to its clients makes it a no-brainer for any company, of any size, to take the leap for the benefit of their growth. PT KELLYS EXPRESS is a dynamic relocation firm that specialises in recognising what its clients need in order to flourish within Indonesia’s thriving economy. Its forward-thinking, service oriented nature lends to its ability to focus on the important Relocating a business is almost always an incredibly demanding process. Noticing this, PT KELLYS EXPRESS sought to forge a solution that would make moving companies into Indonesia as straightforward as possible. Now heralded as a master of its craft, PT KELLYS EXPRESS represents an unrelenting drive to give its all for its clients, all whilst making their lives infinitely easier. Join us as we delve into the services that it offers, and how it carries them out to an award-winning standard.