Global Business Awards 2023

committed and dedicated members being included in the company’s strategic thoughts to reward their enthusiasm and the value they bring to the organisation. In order to combine and streamline focuses, IMCI+ has adopted a vision for 2025, which it is well on its way to achieving. In the last two years alone, the company has doubled its business and presence in the market. By 2025, the firm is expectant of a market capitalisation of $500 million, with six regional hubs centred around the re-stablishing of the corporate HQ in Switzerland from its base in London. The company is also keen to explore the North American market, before expanding into unexplored markets in Europe and the APAC region. IMCI+ has successfully achieved all its milestones so far, and with the continued support of its team of high-level professionals, it is determined to surpass all future targets. As Modesto N Peña y Gorrin explains, “all of this will only be possible thanks to the great spirit and friendship created over a decade with the team”. It is this dedication that has yielded success and will continue to do so as the company works towards its vision for 2025 and beyond. Contact Details Contact: Modesto N Peña y Gorrin Company: IMCI Group International GMBH/LLC Web Address: Aug23329 Best Global Corporate & Project Finance Company 2023 – Central Europe IMCI+ Group International GMBH – LLC (IMCI+) is a leading management consulting and business advisory firm based in Zurich, Switzerland, founded in 2004 under the name Integrated Management Consultancy. In the approximately two decades since forming, the company has continued to expand, to such an extent that it now offers consulting services in the areas of project and corporate finance, strategic management, and restructuring, across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. We speak with Founder Modesto N Peña y Gorrin, who tells us more about the company and its global reach. IMCI+ has developed significantly over time, establishing the additional divisions of IMCI+ Capital, IMCI+ Advisory, and IMCI+ Worldwide Advisory Alliance. Through this structure, the company can provide customised solutions and help organisations achieve their business goals. Some of the comprehensive service offerings available to clients are strategy development, operational optimisation, digital transformation, capital and project finance services, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and change management. Regardless of the service, the firm is committed to delivering unique, personally tailored solutions which embrace all client’s unique challenges and opportunities. With a team of experienced consultants boasting diverse backgrounds and an array of expertise, a broad perspective is delivered upon for every engagement, and through members of the IMCI+ Alliance, the firm is afforded the services of top experts and service providers from more than 30 industries across a total of 68 countries. This ultimately lends to IMCI+’s innovative approach to consulting, as well as corporate and project finance for private companies and governments (PPP projects), as well as the incorporation of digital technologies and new ways of working to help organisations transform their operations and sustain long-term successes. Today, the organisation is present in approximately 70 countries, and for 2023, its more than 180 members have attained a portfolio value cover of upwards of $20 billion. In the fast-paced and ever-changing business world, management consultancy firms such as IMCI+ play a crucial role in helping companies to adapt to industry-wide changes and stay competitive in the marketplace. A unique company model consisting of a 360-degree approach covering the business has given it a competitive edge, and through focusing on the optimisation of the entire value chain of the client’s business, ranging from product development to customer delivery, companies achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and revenue growth under ICMI+’s watchful eye. All members of the IMCI+ Alliance are selected due to them achieving certain parameters and fulfilling certain criteria. They follow an integral code of conduct, and despite the structure, the team works according to corporate frameworks that are rooted in a quality client focus and achieving measurable successes. Members are thoroughly engaged with the objectives and strategy for their respective regions, and the firm hosts regular online meetings and physical encounters to ensure teams are well-informed and knowledgeable to goings-on. A key event which helps to achieve this aim is the Global Summit, a three-day-event which brings together the zones and re-emphasise the company’s focus, and this year takes place in Dubai. The management consultancy/business advisory service is a highly developed and competitive field in today’s market. One of the main challenges IMCI+ is facing presently is making sure that all Alliance members are in a suitable position to continue to deliver the necessary quality projected through the brand. The business always maintains a high cadence of information and communication, with the most