Global Business Awards 2023

SFI’s ability to launch sales teams of all sizes in any part of the world within 45 days or less is a truly amazing capability. For its unmatched excellence, the company has been awarded Global Leaders in B2B Sales Outsourcing in the Global Business Awards 2023. In the coming years, SFI plans to focus on maintaining the high level of excellence for which it has become known. It will also continue to seek quality salespeople, utilising its SFI Academy to help them reach new heights, meet their individual goals, and become accomplished sales professionals. Contact Details Contact: Angelica Iglesias Company: Sales Focus Web Address: Aug23184 Global Leaders in B2B Sales Outsourcing 2023 In 1998, President and CEO Tony Horwath founded SFI with the goal of helping emerging companies to successfully launch products, enter new markets, achieve growth, acquire new customers, and generate immediate revenue. The company was truly a pioneer in the sales outsourcing industry; in its early days, Tony fine-tuned and trademarked his S.O.L.D.™ methodology, a repeatable process for revenue generation. He soon realised that this process could be customised to suit businesses across all industries. Now, more than 25 years later, SFI has worked with over 1,600 companies from across the globe, ranging from start-ups to fortune 500 businesses in various industries. In this, it has hired and managed more than 12,000 sales professionals providing both inside and outside sales solutions. SFI functions as an extension of its clients’ businesses by providing them with a dedicated sales team that is wholly committed to their success, focusing on revenue generation and new client acquisition. Today, the company has more than 250 sales representatives across the United States, each recruited, trained, and managed specifically to achieve clients’ goals. Representing between 30 and 40 widespread clients at any given time, SFI fosters constant communication amongst its teams to ensure effective operational standards. This enables it to achieve its goals every day. Having pioneered the field, SFI is proud to continue to set the bar for quality and performance in sales outsourcing. Its S.O.L.D.™ methodology continues to serve as the industry’s gold standard, ensuring success and guaranteeing that clients’ brands are protected and represented at the highest level of excellence. Many of the clients that SFI works with are small companies who need its sales knowledge and experience to develop the message, direction, KPIs, commission plan, training, and overall focus of their sales department. Others are large organisations that need speed to market, flexibility, immediate growth, and retraction. SFI’s size and internal capabilities allow it to accommodate businesses of all sizes, regardless of their industry, location, or type of product or solution. Companies from across the globe continue to reach out to SFI in order to achieve their growth and revenue goals. Over the years, it has been able to help several international companies successfully enter the United States market. It has also enabled US-based companies to penetrate new markets across various other countries. Every year, the sales outsourcing industry grows due to customers’ never-ending need to acquire new clients, and the demand for SFI’s services remains extremely high. This has enabled it to achieve consistent double-digit growth over the last five years, having expanded into new markets and explored new industries. As the company attracts customers in various sectors, it must work to stay current and observant in all areas of business. With more than 20 years of experience in B2B sales outsourcing, Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) is well-equipped to deliver intelligent sales outsourcing solutions to companies in need of immediate revenue generation. Using its proven S.O.L.D.™ Process, the company builds dedicated sales teams that drive client acquisition, increased revenue, and brand protection. Since its establishment, it has generated more than $1 billion in revenue for companies across the world.