Global Security & Investigations Awards 2019

6 Corporate Vision - Global Security & Investigations Awards 2019 , VEDICOR Best Counter-Surveillance & Escort Protection Specialists - Greece Sep19437 Founded only three years ago, VEDICOR has quickly risen to become a leading specialist in the Greek counter-surveillance and escort market. Protecting those who want to protect their world, discover why this security firmare worthy winners in CV’s Global Security and Investigations Awards. Analysing every threat as though it were a terrorists or criminal organisation, VEDICOR’s security is based around this unique talent. Therefore, every security operation is a well-oiled machine that runs smoothly and gets the job done with incredible professionalism. Such levels of skill and intelligence are only achieved through constant study, briefing, research and special training for all deployed staff. In order to constantly achieve the firm’s mission of protecting those who want to protect their world, all staff are required to constantly search, train, simulate and keep updated on national and international threats to organisations security. Maintaining their own high standards, VEDICOR remain ahead of the curve, keeping staff happy in teams that embody staff- centralised policies with high wages. Based in Athens and able to provide services throughout the entirety of Greece, VEDICOR work predominantly with multinational corporations who require discreet and professional security and escort services. Also working with a small number of Greek companies, the firm offer services that include counter- surveillance, escort security, manned guarding, penetration tests, patrolling, and airborne drone-based security. With no sales department, every single one of VEDICOR’s contracts are the result of their already outstanding reputation. Constantly delivering high quality security and slick operations, multinational corporations understand that this firm are professional in always doing the best job. Technology is a must for security firms, and VEDICOR are no different. With their advanced Operation Centre utilising the latest in cutting-edge security, the firm’s IT department has created a new system called GEOSEC. This system enables security teams to inspect real-time staff missions and clients worldwide, individually, or in groups, viewing a full picture of where every person is at all times. At the same time, the risk assessment department analyse conditions and incidents in countries of interest 24/7, immediately passing on information, guidance and solutions. Security work is constantly developing, with growing threats in homeland terrorism, organised demonstrations, and global terrorist groups looking to immigrate. VEDICOR are always staying aware of changes, as the risk assessment department analyse conditions and situations all the time. That way, security plans can be adapted and altered immediately, should they be required to do so. Ultimately, homeland security is of paramount importance, especially with the rise of global terrorism. For multinational corporations, relying on VEDICOR over a different security firm can be the difference between adequate security that is open to risk, and high-quality security that goes above and beyond the call of duty in ensuring everything runs without problems. Company: VEDICOR Defensive Systems SA Contact: Stavroula Mourtzikou Website: