International Health and Safety Awards 2018

g Safety Priority Consultants, LLC CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Safety Priority Consultants, LLC Name: Chip Darius Address: 110 Court Street, Suite #1, Cromwell, CT 06416, United States Phone: +1 860-978-9899 Website: Such high-quality, detail-focused service would not be possible without a commitment to excellence. With such a heavy emphasis on accuracy, it is understandable that Chip is eager to highlight how his firm works to accomplish that and drive the company to even greater achievements at all times. “Internally, Safety Priority consultants and trainers vigorously pursue continuing education and professional development, both in safety and in the field of expert witnessing. We keep our technical skills high by teaching courses for clients and for the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Training Institute Region 1 Education Center, helping other safety professionals improve their skills and capabilities. We keep our training and teaching skills sharp by serving as adjunct faculty to colleges and universities, teaching safety courses for academic credit. We are active in professional associations, like the American Society of Safety Professionals. We improve our skills as experts by attending the SEAK national conferences for expert witnesses and providing training sessions at SEAK conferences. We hold each other to high standards of performance and encourage continued growth. “After all, attention to detail sets us apart, and this means keeping up with developments in both the technical and the legal arenas. We maintain an extensive library of references and standards to support our ability to respond to cases within our areas of expertise, effectively and ethically. As he looks to the future Chip is optimistic about Safety Priority’s ongoing success in the expert witness and safety fields. “Overall, Safety Priority’s ongoing mission is to help move organizations closer to world class safety by comparing current performance against minimum regulations and industry standard practices and implementing improvements. When it comes to investigating catastrophic injuries and fatalities in litigation, we apply our deep, real-world experience to objectively arrive at opinions to help the judge and jury understand the issues of the case. Following a tragedy, litigation not only achieves justice but can be a force to drive change in a company, an industry, government, or even the legal system itself – and can help to avoid similar tragedies in the future. “Alongside this, in the future we are continuing to expand our consulting and training services in safety management systems, risk assessment and risk management, incident investigation training, and influencing safety culture. Expert witness work, along with training and consulting, will help us to achieve our mission of improving safety. We are looking forward to providing more clients with our award-winning litigation support and expert services.” “At Safety Priority, the expert who reviews the case material is the same person who prepares the written report and appears to testify at deposition or trial. There is deep familiarity with the case, the facts, and the nuances of the discovery materials. While some other expert firms may use clerical staff to review the materials and technicians to prepare reports, so that a testifying expert only reviews summarized material, Safety Priority does not work that way -- and it shows in the quality of the services we provide.”