HR and Training Awards 2017

14 CORPORATE VISION / 2017 HR & Training Awards CultureRx® is the premier provider of training and change management services related to the implementation, adoption and evolution of the Results-OnlyWork Environment™ (ROWE™). We provide a guide to this latest development inworkplace management and how CultureRx supports businesses in implementing it. Best Workplace Transformation Specialists - Midwest USA & Most Instrumental Women in Organizational Change Leadership - USA A Results-Only Work Environment is a workplace culture where there is an equal balance between accountability and autonomy for every person in every role. This balance has been proven to be critical to business success and the customer/ employee experience. If the culture is heavy on autonomy and light on accountability, this typically leads to a chaotic landscape where non-performance is tolerated. There is often a realization in cultures like this that goals and measures are not clear, and managers do not readily step in with consequences for non-performance. If the culture is heavy on accountability and light on autonomy, business performance may be acceptable but at the expense of the employee experience. In a culture where accountability is paramount, but employees do not have autonomy, organizations experience a workforce that reports feeling overworked, voluntary turnover is unnecessarily high, and engagement low. To support clients in implementing such a strategy, CultureRx works in partnership with other organizations and contractors to fill gaps in client needs and develop the future of Human Resources as it applies to the Results- Only foundation. Organizations in a ROWE are experiencing astounding results such as 0% voluntary turnover and 100% top line growth. And, as ROWE certified organizations are growing, they find that they get the pick of the best talent. People want to work for an organization that treats them like an adult, not a naughty child who needs to ask permission to leave early. ROWE, created by Jody Thompson and Cali Ressler, began as an innovation experiment inside the corporate workplace of a Fortune 100 organization. By measuring reduction in voluntary turnover, increase in involuntary turnover, engagement scores, loyalty measure and productivity gains, we designed a change process that fully hit on all levels. Other benefits that emerged include reduction in healthcare costs, reduction in real estate requirements, and reduction in work/family conflict. Fundamentally, a ROWE is a unique workforce strategy that others have tried to emulate, through do-it-yourself attempts and by hiring consultants who profess to understand the process and platform. CultureRx encourages organizations to move beyond the outdated, outmoded and out-to-lunch workplace flexibility programs, although the team are patient and understand that the transition can be tough. As such, they have learned that ultimate success comes with investing in adaptive change management and training of the authentic Results-Only Work Environment system tested and developed by CultureRx. Through their experience, the team at CultureRx have come to understand that a ROWE is not easy; it’s pure management innovation that requires a leadership team that is committed to real change. It cannot be forced on an organization or on a leader or team of leaders who believe managing people (people’s time and work location), will get them better results than solely managing the work (measurable results for every role); leaders inside the organization have to want it and have the healthy scepticism required to move forward. As such, the firm’s goal is to continue to find ways to educate people to the positive consequences of the change for their organization so they can confidently make the decision to invest in implementation. Founder of CultureRx, Jody Thompson, has written a book to illustrate the principals of this innovative theory. Why Work Sucks is the manifesto of a ROWE. However, Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix it (my second book) is the field guide for managers. Looking to the future, Jody is keen to publish another book, as she believes that, following the implementation of ROWE in numerous organisations, that it is now time for leaders whose organizations are evolving towards an authentic ROWE to tell the stories of how it has affected them and their work. This would include how a ROWE implementation through CultureRx has changed their perspective on the role and behaviours of today’s leader, how it is affected their business, and created a productive, engaged, empowered and loyal workforce. Best Workplace Transformation Specialists - Midwest USA & Most Instrumental Women in Organizational Change Leadership - USA HR170010 ,