HR & Training Awards

, Lucion Consulting Limited Best Occupational Health & Safety Training Provider - UK Lucion Services brings together a group of multidisciplinary risk management companies to help clients achieve full compliance with occupational and environmental safety regulations. Having recognised Lucion Consulting Limited as part of year’s HR&Training Awards we profile the group to find out more. Established in 2003, Lucion Consulting, as part of Lucion Services, provide multidisciplinary consultancy services across a wider range of risk and compliance areas within the built, natural and marine environments. These will include, for example, high level expert advice on risk management and regulatory matters, as well as dedicated support and guidance on specialist issues such as asbestos management, contaminated land and compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. Across the group, Lucion’s skilled and fully qualified staff deliver a range of dedicated hazard identification, assessment and remediation activities to ensure the prevention of harm to people, property and the environment. In bringing these essential services together, the group can offer their customers a comprehensive approach to risk management or specialist support that is tailored to their specific needs. From initial surveys and analysis, through evaluation and education, to high level mitigation strategies and the implementation of effective control measures, the group can offer a unique array of services to meet the needs of its valued clients. This widespread expertise means that the team at Lucion fully understand the complexities of risk control processes across all parts of the built, natural and marine environments. Regardless of the size or complexity of a project, they can manage all tasks with the highest integrity and compliance standards. Overall, Lucion Consulting apply a sensible and effective approach to delivering safety compliance and risk management, supporting organisations to embrace safety and ensure it adds value to their project or business. This will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks to continue to leverage the expertise of its group to offer its clients first-class services that they can rely on. Nov18007 CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Lucion Consulting Limited Contact: Sam Pearce Website: