HR & Training Awards

4 Corporate Vision / 2018 HR & Training Awards , Crechendo Training Limited Best Leadership Development Consultancy - Southern England Crechendo Training Limited offers hands-on leadership development support to a wide range of clients within the UK and EMEA region. Rachel Slough provides us with a fascinating overviewof this unique firmand the innovative approach it is taking to changing the leadership development market for the better. Thanks to a vast wealth of experience in the market, Crechendo is pioneering a new approach to learning and development. “To achieve our goals, we run a wide range of courses and workshops, which in turn facilitate masterclasses on managing conflict to creative and bespoke qualifications from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Rather than walking in, delivering a standard training package and walking out again, we like to work with clients on a long-term basis, giving them the benefit of our understanding and expertise, and really getting to know the people we’re helping. There is a mentoring and support aspect to our work that means people gain great confidence in us, and that allows us to really tap into the talents and skills that people have, helping them to be better leaders and the organisation to progress and succeed.” The secret to success in this area, according to Rachel, is that there is no secret: hard work and commitment, combined with experience, are key, as she highlights. “Despite our vast experience, at Crechendo we do not have a secret formula for success, and our ultimate outcome is to get people to feel something different; to realise and believe in their abilities. That is a key learning experience for us, and it’s something that people can take straight back into the workplace, because they know how it feels to act or make decisions in a certain way. We are simply genuinely engaged with the people we work with. We believe in being as practical as possible, so our courses always involve game simulations or activities that help to demonstrate the principles we’re sharing, challenge behaviours and long held beliefs and that’s often why participants Oct18201 “Here at Crechendo, our ultimate aim is to give leaders at all stages the belief they need to be brave and take the next steps in their career. For some, that is about managing their team; for others, it’s about managing themselves. Our work is hands-on, digging deep into what makes people tick, and using that self-realisation to create positive mindsets, changed behaviours and belief in their unique abilities.