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g Crechendo Training Limited CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Crechendo Training Limited Contact: Rachel Slough Email [email protected] Website: frequently say they have changed attitudes and behaviours not just gained knowledge!. “’It is not just about the role and goals, it’s about the outcome.’ This quotation really sums up the aim for this business. We want to help people achieve the right outcomes. Sometimes, they don’t know the outcomes they want until they start working with us. Other times, the outcomes are there, but there’s no clear pathway or understanding of how to get there. Our job – and our overarching aim as a company – is that people leave the room feeling equipped and empowered, knowing they can make a difference. And that difference doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, it just has to give them a new perspective on things, new tools to use and a willingness to engage with and learn from others. For some of our participants, that’s truly transformative, and that’s what we love to see. Our approach to this is to use a combination of tried-and –tested techniques that appeal to participants, whatever their learning style. Instead of telling people what to do, we show them what to do, giving them permission and ownership so that they can commit to the next step.” Managing conflict and supporting change is a key aspect of the firm’s work, and as such Rachel is keen to explore how the company undertakes this challenging work. “At Crechendo our work is complimentary to pretty much any part of the wider HR sector. We can support internal change, lead transformation projects and work in tandem with in-house HR departments or external consultants to prepare senior leaders, middle-managers and team members for the next stage in the organisation’s life. Our expertise in conflict resolution and relationship management has seen us brought in at a senior consultancy level to help organisations who are struggling with sensitive issues or where mergers and acquisitions produce a clash of cultures. Our objectiveness and integrity mean we can build trusted relationships that produce positive results. Our recently developed online 360 feedback tool is evidence of our commitment to innovation and provides additional support for our clients.” Over the coming years, Rachel foresees many exciting opportunities in the future for Crechendo, with the firm constantly looking ahead at how it can further enhance its success. “Moving forward, our aim for the future is to build on our reputation for doing things differently so that we can expand our services with commercial organisations. Working with third-sector organisations is also extremely important to our business; it is vital that both employees and volunteers in these organisations have the tools and support they need to succeed. Our ideal business balance: a commercial and charity focus to allow us to share our insights with as many people as possible.”